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Dec 14, 2009

Gavon Barkdull Named Regional Managing Director, Americas

MonaVie is pleased to announce that Gavon Barkdull has been named MonaVie's Regional Managing Director, Americas (Brazil, Canada, and Mexico). Prior to this appointment, Gavon served as Director of New Market Development for MonaVie since October 2008. As Director of New Market Development, Gavon was responsible for the opening and successful launch of new international markets. He has 15 years of international development and sales experience opening markets in Africa; South America; Southeast Asia; and Western, Central, and Eastern Europe. Gavon earned his MBA from the University of Utah.

"I am honored to be associated with MonaVie and the tremendous opportunity it brings to people all over the world. I will work tirelessly with our General Managers and staff in partnership with our distributor leaders to achieve the highest levels of success. I believe that hard work, vision, integrity, and ethical conduct will further solidify MonaVie's standard of success and establish the foundation for greater success in the future."
Gavon Barkdull, Regional Managing Director, Americas

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