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Mar 11, 2013

Earn a Free Trip to 2013 Salt Lake City Conference through Quest for Gold Promo

Want to attend the 2013 Salt Lake City Conference absolutely free? Roundtrip airfare, hotel accommodations, Conference tickets…all on MonaVie! The opportunity is yours through the Quest for Gold promotion!

Quest for Gold not only gives you and a guest the chance to be flown to Salt Lake City for the 2013 MonaVie Conference, you’ll also earn admission into the Black Tie Salt Lake City Event when you qualify by August 2, 2013. 

Qualification Requirements

Mar 11, 2013

Advance to Ruby Executive by July 5, and Join Us for the Ruby Fly-In!

Leadership is recognized and rewarded in MonaVie wherever we find it. Reaching the rank of Ruby Executive is one such checkpoint on the road to leadership, and the Ruby Fly-In is our way of thanking you for your hard work and dedication in building your MonaVie business. This all-expense-paid trip to the renowned Zermatt Resort & Spa in Midway, Utah, awaits you. All you have to do is prove your mettle as a leader in MonaVie by rank advancing to Ruby Executive by July 5, 2013!

Ruby Fly-In
September 24–27, 2013
Zermatt Resort & Spa
Midway, Utah


Mar 1, 2013

Get Your Tickets Now for the MonaVie Fall Event—2013 Salt Lake City Conference, August 29–September 1

The place to be in MonaVie this fall is Salt Lake City, Utah, at the 2013 Salt Lake City Conference!

Widespread belief in MonaVie has been sweeping North America since we launched the VIEW Scanner in Orlando. Families, health professionals, entrepreneurs, and more are all getting a VIEW and discovering how their lives can be changed through the pure goodness of MonaVie. And, the research shows that those who are building their businesses with VIEW are earning larger commissions and enrolling more distributors. All the more reason to get to your local meetings, get a VIEW, and get to Salt Lake City, where we take this momentum and kick it into high gear. Be there when it happens!

Feb 28, 2013

Cruise for Gold 2013 Video and Photos

Cruise for Gold 2013 Video and Photos

Feb 19, 2013

Spring 2013 VIEW Meetings Under Way; Check the Schedule Daily

MonaVie distributors are hard at work giving people a VIEW of their Life Scores and sharing the great news about our innovative, industry changing device—MonaVie VIEW Antioxidant Scanner. If you want to know how you can capitalize on the momentum, then make sure you and your potential enrollees attend a Business Building Seminar or VIEW Open Meeting on the Spring 2013 VIEW Meeting Tour. Click on a link below to see which corporate leaders are attending an event near you. We’ll update the schedule as new meetings pop up, so check back daily.

Feb 4, 2013

Orlando Videos & Photo Galleries (VIEW Conference, MORE 5k, Black Tie)

Feb 4, 2013

Get a VIEW with Mark Macdonald and Steve and Gina Merritt—February 7, Orlando

Do you know your Life Score? Now’s your chance to find out by joining MonaVie Nutrition and Fitness Expert Mark Macdonald and Crowne Black Diamond Executives Steve and Gina Merritt at a Get a VIEW meeting in Orlando, Florida, Thursday, February 7, at 7:30 p.m.

Admission is just $10 for distributors, and guests get in for free!
Click here to download a flyer.

Jan 30, 2013

Get a VIEW Conference Attendees—Get Discount Pricing to SeaWorld, Universal Orlando, and Walt Disney World

MonaVie is pleased to partner with Visit Orlando to bring Get a VIEW Conference attendees specially discounted tickets to Orlando’s most popular amusement parks—SeaWorld, Universal Orlando, and Walt Disney World!

Click on one of the logos below for special MonaVie Get a VIEW Conference pricing, or speak directly with an Official Travel Counselor by calling 1-800-554-3401, Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–5:30 p.m. (EST).

Jan 14, 2013

Raise Money for MORE Project, Register for Run for MORE 5k in Orlando

Raise money and awareness for MORE Project by registering for the Run for MORE 5k and a Run for MORE website. Join up to form a team and raise funds as a group by promoting the event among your family, friends, and downline. Over $100,000 combined was raised in St. Louis and Anaheim, and it all goes to help the children in Brazil.

  • Runners who raise $100 or more receive a race water bottle.
  • Runners who raise $500 or more receive a MORE Project mouse pad and race water bottle.

Jan 14, 2013

Black Tie Orlando Qualification Period Ends Friday, January 18. Who’s in the Lead?

As we approach the finish line for qualifying for Black Tie Orlando, here’s a snapshot at what the top 5 enroller race looks like. The following distributors (listed by rank and city only) are in the running to qualify for this month’s Black Tie Event by enrolling the most new distributors at 500 PV or greater during the qualification period:

  • Silver Executive, Santa Maria, California
  • Silver Executive, The Woodlands, Texas
  • Gold Executive, Odessa, Texas
  • Ruby Executive, Santa Maria, California
  • Blue Diamond Executive, Riverside, California

Remember, there are three ways to qualify and enjoy all the benefits of being Black Tie qualified at the Get a VIEW Conference in Orlando. So, take a minute to review the requirements below and get moving!

Qualification Requirements
In addition to the following requirements, all Black Tie Event qualifiers must be:

  • Active at 200 PV on AutoShip and must purchase either a Junior Executive Kit or a Senior Executive Kit in order to qualify for the event, AND
  • Accrue 1,000 PV in new personal enrollments.

Here are the three ways to become Black Tie Qualified:

  • Become a top 5 enroller of new distributors who enroll at 500 PV or greater between September 1, 2012, and January 18, 2013.
  • Rank Advance to Ruby Executive or above between September 1, 2012, and January 18, 2013. 
  • For Emerald Executives or above: Determine your highest paid-as rank between August 4 and August 31, 2012 (baseline period), and then do one of the following between September 1, 2012, and January 18, 2013:
    • Qualify 3 consecutive weeks at that rank (minimum of paid-as Emerald Executive).
    • Qualify 8 non-consecutive weeks at that rank (minimum of paid-as Emerald Executive).
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