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Jun 13, 2011

Dallin A. Larsen's "5 Core Initiatives"

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MonaVie's next corps of future field leaders left Salt Lake City and International "Imagine" Convention this past weekend with their imaginations imprinted with new ideas on how they can make their and others' lives more meaningful through the MonaVie opportunity.

With his characteristic leadership by example, Founder, Chairman, and CEO Dallin A. Larsen presented 5 Core Initiatives from corporate for the next 12 months. These objectives represent MonaVie's focused commitment to helping facilitate the achievement of distributors' goals individually, as well as MonaVie's goals collectively.

5 Core Initiatives

1. Prove the Value of Our Products (Real Science. Real Documentation. Real Results.)

  • Currently under development, MonaVie will soon offer a device that non-intrusively measures the antioxidant scores of MonaVie consumers.
  • A 3-Prong Approach to Product Development: macronutrition, micronutrition, phytonutrition.

2. Introduce MonaVie Path to Unify MonaVie

  • MVP is an accelerated path to success and A More Meaningful Life.
  • MVP is a universal system that allows you to build your business on a global scale.

3. Assemble a World-Class Corporate Team

  • Continuing a standard of exceptionality since MonaVie's inception, we will take MonaVie to the next level through our ongoing process of building a brilliant and extraordinary corporate brain trust.

4. Grow Our Markets

  • Our newly appointed market Presidents will stimulate significant global growth on our way to $20 billion in 20 years.

5. Grow Our Leadership

Dallin illustrated for the multitudes in attendance that if all the dollar bills that MonaVie has paid in commissions since 2005 were lined up one by one, the bills would circle the globe four times over. "We're not satisfied until we're circling the globe every week in dollar bills," Dallin said. "So, don't get comfortable!"

Stay tuned to, as we will post Dallin's and other presentations from Convention.

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