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Jan 4, 2011

Invite a Friend to Begin the MonaVie RVL Program at

Now you can invite one friend to join you on your weight-loss journey through the My Program feature on!

All you have to do is log in to using your distributor ID number as your username and your Virtual Office login as your password. Then, click on "Send an Invitation" in the bottom left-hand navigation. One friend per distributorship can be invited.

My Program gathers your basic health information and recommends a 90-day MonaVie RVL program tailored just for you, including a specific healthy dinner each day. Achieving weight-loss goals is always easier with the support of your friends and loved ones, so invite someone you know to join you today!

Jan 4, 2011

Wellmune® Reduces Duration of Cold/Flu Symptoms in Study of 100 Medical Students

Wellmune, a natural food and supplement ingredient that activates the body’s immune defenses, significantly reduced the duration of upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) symptoms in a healthy population of medical students during the peak of the cold-flu season.

The results of the 90-day study involving 100 fourth-year medical students of the Southampton University Medical School was presented in December 2010 at a British Society for Immunology conference in Liverpool, UK. Participants taking Wellmune daily reported 43 fewer days of symptoms than their classmates who received a placebo.

“Medical students working long hours in hospitals are placing tremendous stress on their immune systems,” said Dr. Richard Fuller, M.D. of The Dove Clinic for Integrated Medicine and principal investigator for the study. “Wellmune WGP activates innate immune cells, the body’s first line of defense, which helped students become more resilient to health challenges.”

Click here to read a full press release on the study.

Dec 20, 2010

MonaVie RVL City Meeting Tour Begins January 8!

MonaVie is hitting the road on a 2-month tour to commemorate the official launch of MonaVie RVL! Come and learn firsthand about the best weight management system in the world from Senior Vice President Jeff Graham, the MonaVie Founders, and many more guests, including:

  • Randy Schroeder, International Distributor Ambassador
  • Members of the Scientific Advisory Board
  • Members of the Distributor Advisory Board
  • RVL All-stars

Click on one of the cities below for complete details on each meeting in January! To purchase tickets, access your Virtual Office, and click on Place a Personal Order.

Check back at as RVL City Meeting dates for February become available.

Dec 16, 2010

Women Experience Fewer Cold/Flu Symptoms, Higher Energy Levels with Wellmune®

A recent study evaluated the effect of Wellmune on upper-respiratory tract infections (URTIs) and psychological well being.

Healthy women, pre-screened for moderate levels of psychological stress, self-administered a placebo or 250 mg of Wellmune daily for 12 weeks. Subjects in the Wellmune group reported fewer URTI symptoms, better overall well being, and superior mental and physical energy levels compared to the group that took the placebo.

This shows that daily dietary supplementation with Wellmune reduces URTI symptoms and improves mood states in stressed subjects, and thus may be a useful approach for maintaining immune protection against daily stressors.

Click here to read a full press release on the study.

Dec 15, 2010

Benefits to Having a MyMonaVie Website: An Online Community

With MyMonaVie's new online community, you'll be able to share your excitement and encourage your downline in real time. No more waiting for the next regional, convention, or big event; you can stay in touch and celebrate right when it happens. Share your experiences, get day-to-day tips, and take advantage of the new social media platforms.

Get going. Get in touch. Get MyMonaVie today!

Sign Up Today for a Yearly or Monthly Subscription
Get a monthly subscription for US18.95/month, or take advantage of our discounted yearly subscription of US$189.50. Either way, your first 30 days are free! Just visit and click on "Get MyMonaVie."

Jul 12, 2010

Watch Individual Convention Presentations On Demand on MonaVie TV

Click here to watch the Convention Corporate Leaders' presentations.

Click here to watch the Convention Distributor Leaders' presentations.

From juice blend fortification and the science behind our products to new corporate marketing materials and updates from the MonaVie Executive Team, the inspirational and informative presentations from this year's International "Vision" Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah, are now available to watch individually on demand on MonaVie TV. Visit or click on one of the links below to begin watching:

Watch Founder, Chairman, and CEO Dallin A. Larsen's presentation.
Watch Founder and Vice Chairman Randy Larsen's presentation.
Watch Founder and Vice Chairman Henry Marsh's presentation.

Executive Team
Watch President and COO Dell Brown's presentation.
Watch Senior Vice President Jeff Graham's presentation.
Watch Senior Vice President of International Brent Ririe's presentation.
Watch Vice President of Marketing Wayne Moorehead's presentation.
Watch International Distributor Ambassador Randy Schroeder's presentation.

Scientific Advisory Board
Watch Dr. Paul Clayton's presentation.
Watch Dr. Penny Kris-Etherton's presentation.
Watch Bernie Landes's presentation.
Watch Dr. Stephen T. Talcott's presentation.
Watch Dr. Nathan D. Wong's presentation.

Jun 7, 2010

MonVie's Yokley Posts Second-Place Finish in Ohio

MonaVie racer William Yokley finished second overall at the John Penton GNCC UTV Race in Millfield, Ohio, on June 5. A torrential rainstorm made for dusty and muddy conditions, as parts of the motocross track lay several feet under water before the race began. Even so, William’s UTV ran almost flawlessly and he maintained his success early on despite skidding off the track and over an embankment at the second turn. William’s next race is June 26, at the Snowshoe Resort in West Virginia.

May 24, 2010

William Yokley Takes Second at Mountain Ridge GNCC UTV Race

MonaVie racer William Yokley won second place at the Mountain Ridge GNCC UTV Race in Somerset, Pennsylvania, on Saturday, May 22. A heavy, driving rain set in on the course's rugged, rocky terrain just as the race began making the rocks and hills even more treacherous to negotiate. Staying in the top three for most of the race, Yokley's machine bounced into a tree after making impact with a large, wet rock at the midpoint of the race. Although this resulted in a bent front wheel and some damage to the brakes and steering system, he was able to finish the event second overall. The win moves Yokley into the top spot in points on the GNCC UTV season leader board.

Nov 30, 2009

Worldwide Preferred Customer Bonus Challenge—Qualifiers Board

MonaVie Preferred Customer Bonus Challenge
Through the ongoing Preferred Customer Bonus Challenge, MonaVie will reward two distributors who generate the most preferred customer volume (PCPV) between October 31, and November 27, 2009, and between November 28, and December 25, 2009.

At the end of each four-week period, the top distributor who has generated the most PCPV in the world of MonaVie will receive a US$4,000* bonus check. The next top three distributors will each receive a US$2,000† bonus check.

Check out who's already in the running to win the Preferred Customer Bonus Challenge:

Christopher Anguay (Star 500, U.S.)

Noelle Braun (Distributor, U.S.)

Doug Ciuba (Star 500, U.S.)

Gregory Draven (Star 1000, U.S.)

Leslie Fischer (Distributor, U.S.)

David Fried (Star 500, U.S.)

Dennis Grettner (Silver Executive, U.S.)

Peggy Laird (Bronze Executive, U.S.)

Tim Matlock and Linda Jensen (Distributor, Canada)

Anthony and Sherrie McKnight (Blue Diamond Executive, U.S.)

Damon Morgan (Distributor, U.S.)

Mike and Donna Reynolds (Star 500, U.S.)

Yesmin Rivero (Bronze Executive, U.S.)

Clara Rohrer (Star 1000, U.S.)

Kelly Roth (Gold Executive, U.S.)

Michael Santi (Star 1000, France)

Saundra Sloniger (Star, U.S.)

Terry and Alexis Sweatt (Star 1000, U.S.)

Alain and Angel Tchurukdichian (Star 1000, France)

Benjamin Thomas (Distributor, U.S.)

VMS, Inc. (Silver Executive, U.S.)

Chris and Kinga Wasiak (Gold Executive, Australia)

Joseph and Christine Weber (Distributor, U.S.)

Nate and Shauna Weems (Distributor, U.S.)

Steven Wiideman (Star 1000, U.S.)

Michael Wisneski (Star, France)

?? ?????(Star 1000, Israel)

????? ????(Star 1000, Israel)

As part of this promotion, every distributor who has five different preferred customers make a purchase during the four-week period will participate equally in a pool. That means that unless more distributors qualify between now and November 27, the shares in this pool could be worth nearly as much as the top prizes! Don't miss out; sign up some preferred customers and help them make purchases today!

Click here for complete details.

* Distributors outside the U.S. will receive a bonus in local currency equal to 4,000 GBU.
†Distributors outside the U.S. will receive a bonus in local currency equal to 2,000 GBU.

Oct 19, 2009

Yona Fichman Named Regional Managing Director of Eastern Europe and Israel

Yona Fichman - MonaVie Israel and Eastern Europe
On behalf of our Executive Team at MonaVie, we are pleased to welcome Yona Fichman as regional managing director of Eastern Europe and Israel. In his new role, Yona will oversee the development of MonaVie Israel and other international markets in the region.

For more than 15 years, Yona has played an important role at the executive and management level in the direct sales industry in Israel and the surrounding areas. His background includes serving as a regional vice president at a major network marketing company, where he oversaw markets in Eastern Europe, Russia, the Middle East, and Africa. In five years at this position, Yona spearheaded the opening of numerous markets. Yona also served as chairman of the Israeli Direct Selling Association for 10 years (1997–2007).

With his proven experience in setting up and running direct selling business in Eastern Europe, Yona is a welcome addition to the MonaVie team and staff already in place in Israel.


Doug Allen

Vice President of International Development, MonaVie

"I am completely taken by the MonaVie vision. What our company does in Brazil and the Amazon rain forest is amazing. We are setting a new standard for many companies and organizations to follow. The MonaVie products are amazing and therefore I am grateful to have the opportunity to become a part of this great company and partake in making it a world leader of the direct selling industry." — Yona Fichman, regional managing director of Eastern Europe and Israel

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