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Feb 1, 2012

RVLution Business Webinar: Monday, February 6

Click here to register and join us for the RVLution Business Webinar on Monday, February 6, 2012, 8–8:30 p.m. (EST)!

On this webinar, MonaVie RVL Spokesperson and NY Times bestselling author of Body Confidence Mark Macdonald will cover how to partner with health-related businesses, local companies (workplace wellness), churches, schools, athletic clubs, and other organizations to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with your MonaVie RVLution.

Ditch the Diet. Join the RVLution!

Jan 30, 2012

Rank Advancement Bonus

Climb the Executive ranks. We give you cash!

Throughout 2012 in North America, we're giving you a one-time cash bonus for every new Executive rank you achieve, in addition to the compensation and incentives already built into the Compensation Plan!

Make the mortgage or car payment, take your family on a dream vacation, or simply save your earnings for a rainy day. The opportunities are yours! What will you do with your Rank Advancement Bonuses?

Jan 26, 2012

Sachin Adhikari Named CEO and President of the MVP Distributor Training System

Sachin Adhikari, a respected and well-known expert in the field of leadership development, has been named as Chief Executive Officer & Global President of MVP (MonaVie Values People). MVP is the company’s newly launched training, education and leadership program designed to guide the success of its global distributor network.

“I am honored to assume this role with MonaVie,” said Adhikari. “I have great admiration for the company and tremendous respect for the vision of its founders. People are the most valuable resource of an organization, and, if they are carefully trained and respected, they can produce exceptional results for themselves and others. I am confident that MVP will take MonaVie to the highest level of success and significance.”

Jan 25, 2012

MonaVie 2.0 Dallas Highlight Video

Check out the highlights from the MonaVie 2.0 Launch in Dallas, Texas, and relive history in the making!

Jan 25, 2012

RVLution Weekly Webinar Recap (1-23-12)

If you missed the first RVLution Webinar, which took place Monday, January 23, you can listen to a replay in the Document Library of your Virtual Office.

Recap of Monday's (January 23) RVLution Webinar
On our most recent webinar, Mark Macdonald taught the three phases of the RVLution—weight loss, breakthrough, and lifestyle. Not everyone is in the same place when it comes to their health goals, so it's important to determine the needs of your RVLutionaries. For those looking for a business building opportunity with the RVLution, Mark discussed four ways to work the RVLution into your business: (1) One on One, (2) Home Tastings, (3) MVP Events, and (4) RVLution Rally's. This multi-faceted approach allows you to choose the program that works best for you.

Jan 23, 2012

Go Mobile with the New Virtual Office

We've updated our Mobile VO, so you can now enroll and place orders right from your iPhone or Android device! With the updated Mobile VO, you will be able to do the following:

  • Enroll new distributors and sign them up for AutoShip at enrollment
  • Place product orders
  • View all of your distributor reports (Snapshot, Treeview, P.E.A.R., Bonus, and more!)
  • Check your activity level and qualification status
  • Keep an eye on your Group Volume

Go directly to to download the mobile VO icon to your iPhone or Android device!

Jan 23, 2012

100 in 100 Video Recap Highlights the first 100 “I Am MonaVie” testimonials

MonaVie values the people who make up our company—and it’s easy to see why when you hear their stories. MonaVie proudly presents this special “100 in 100” video recap, which is a compilation of highlights from our first 100 “I Am MonaVie” testimonials.

We’re already working on our next 100 “I Am MonaVie” videos, and we’re coming to a city near you…stay tuned!

Jan 20, 2012

Catch Up with Mark Macdonald on the First RVLution Webinar, Monday, January 23

Click here to register and join us for the first RVLution webinar on Monday, January 23, 2012, 9–9:30 p.m. (EST)!

On the webinar you will hear from RVL Spokesperson Mark Macdonald and RVL Coach and Blue Diamond Executive Renita Brannan as they discuss four ways to host a successful RVLution event. They will also be joined by MonaVie Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Cohen and Presidential Black Diamond Executive Holly Roush.

Jan 19, 2012

IWWF Names MonaVie Athlete Raimi Merritt 2011 Female Wakeboarder of the Year

“As a professional wakeboarder, my body takes quite a beating. Drinking MonaVie Active helps my knees and body to get some of the nutrition and strength necessary to handle the stress every time I get on the water.”

MonaVie athlete and professional wakeboarder Raimi Merritt has been named the IWWF Female Wakeboarder of the Year for 2011.

Jan 18, 2012

Right Here. Right Now. MonaVie.

Introducing, Right Here Right Now: the official MonaVie video of 2012!

With its premiere at MonaVie 2.0 in Dallas, Right Here Right Now provides a comprehensive overview of the company, showing why MonaVie is the right combination of products and opportunity for the new era of Community Commerce.

Right Here Right Now covers the following topics, and more:

  • New products
  • Media highlights
  • Overview of distributor ranks, with testimonials
  • MVP distributor training system and certification
  • Community Commerce business opportunity

With MonaVie’s vision of Community Commerce, you can make a comfortable living and support your loved ones, while enjoying the benefits of exceptional, innovative, and customized products. MonaVie affords you the opportunity to be in business for yourself, but never by yourself.

Community Commerce is our collective future, and we can start right here, right now!

Watch video.

The Right Here Right Now video can be found in the following locations of the new website: Opportunity Overview, Company Overview, and the Videos section of the MonaVie Media Center (News).

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