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Jan 5, 2012

Chris Morris Takes MonaVie to the Extreme

Chris Morris, son of Cruise for Gold qualifiers Lisa and Nick Morris, takes MonaVie to the extreme. Check out this exciting, fast-paced video and learn how Chris fuels his body for competition with MonaVie RVL®, MonaVie (M)mūn®, and MonaVie EMV®!

Jan 4, 2012

Your MonaVie Success Begins Here: Why You Should Attend MonaVie 2.0

Get ready for a master class on how to succeed in MonaVie. Find out from Randy Schroeder, former Black Diamond Executive and current MonaVie president of Europe and Middle East, why attending MonaVie 2.0 in Dallas is key to your success.

Click here to learn more about MonaVie 2.0.

Jan 4, 2012

In Good Company: Mark Macdonald Featured YouTube Videos

Want to learn more about Mark Macdonald and the Body Confidence program prior to MonaVie 2.0 in Dallas, January 13–14? Check out these YouTube videos featuring MonaVie RVL spokesperson Mark Macdonald—NY Times best-selling author of Body Confidence and celebrity nutritionist.

Diet & Exercise Myths - BETTER   Achieve Body Confidence with the MonaVie RVLution

NY Times best-selling author of Body Confidence, and celebrity nutritionist Mark Macdonald, busts popular nutrition and exercise myths.

Mark Macdonald has joined the MonaVie RVLution and shows you how to succeed in your New Year's resolution to lose weight with the nutrient-dense, weight loss/weight management system MonaVie RVL.
Chelsea Handler's Trainer Mark Macdonald Fitness Tip of the Day

Join Conn Jackson as he interviews celebrity nutritionist Mark MacDonald about how to lose weight. Eat the foods you love and improve your health for good, just like Chelsea Handler did!

Mark Macdonald tells us why we should always do high intensity work outs before starting cardio training.
Chelsea Lately: Mark Macdonald  

The "Body Confidence" author reveals fat-burning secrets! Get the details on Mark's "real world" diet.

Jan 4, 2012

Enrollment Tree Optimization Update

Due to the excitement around MonaVie 2.0, the enrollment tree optimization scheduled to take place January 7, 2012, has been postponed to February 4, 2012.

What this means is that, for those distributor accounts that have recently expired, we’re offering a chance for them to keep their spot in the distributor enrollment tree—for a limited time. To take advantage of this offer, a distributor simply needs to contact MonaVie Support and place an order by Friday, February 3, 2012. If you have distributors in your organization who may be affected by this, please encourage them to re-engage by contacting MonaVie Support today.

What Is Enrollment Tree Optimization?
MonaVie may occasionally optimize the distributor enrollment tree by removing distributors who have extended periods of inactivity and do not have current Distributor Agreements. This is a natural process in our business that helps keep your business as well as the company prosperous and running efficiently.

Jan 3, 2012

MonaVie Business Intelligence – It's Time to Set Your Goals

MonaVie Business Intelligence (MBI)—your source for relevant and timely information that supports your MonaVie business.

If you haven't already started, now is the time to set your personal and MonaVie business goals for the coming year. A great way to add horsepower to your 2012 plan is using SMART which stands for:

For example, instead of having "To become a MonaVie Black Diamond" as a goal, it's more powerful to say, "To Become a MonaVie Black Diamond by December 31, 2012, by doing..." Clearly this goal will only be attainable when a lot of preparation and hard work have been completed first.

See if you can't make your personal and professional goals Specific, Measurable, Action-based, Relevant, and Time-based. One excellent step to consider for your MonaVie business goal is attending the MonaVie 2.0 Kickoff in Dallas, January 13–14. This event will no doubt set the stage for a successful 2012.

Dec 31, 2011

Announce Your Own Mini RVLution with This Flyer

In preparation for the official kickoff of the MonaVie RVLution in Dallas, Texas, at MonaVie 2.0, we encourage you to hold your own mini RVLution meeting in your hometown.

Download and customize the RVLution flyer here to announce your mini RVLution to your friends, family, and local media.

And when you hold your mini RVLution, you can get your guests prepared for the real RVLution by: leading them in a fun workout, introducing and offering MonaVie products for sale, reviewing health-related goals, and providing an overview of the RVLution to come!

Dec 31, 2011

A New Year's RVLution!

Among your resolutions—do more good, spend more time with family, make more money—you've probably also made the perennial pledge to eat better and “lose some weight.”

MonaVie is here to turn your resolution into a RVLution, and we've brought in the big guns—Mark Macdonald—to help you achieve your goals in 2012!

The RVLution is a complete weight management program and plan that will provide you with the education and inspiration to take back control of your health and achieve true Body Confidence—looking and feeling your very best.

Too often, we choose to believe that looking and feeling our very best is no longer a reality due to genetics, lifestyle, or other obstacles that make our health goals seem unattainable. The truth is there are many things in life we cannot control, but how you take care of yourself is definitely one you can!

The MonaVie RVLution is your moment in time to once again make yourself a priority and learn that whatever your health goals may be—lose weight, burn fat, build lean muscle mass, increase energy, or eliminate sugar cravings—they are attainable with the RVLution.

Ready...Set...GO! The time to prepare for the RVLution is now!

Dec 30, 2011

Achieve Body Confidence with the MonaVie RVLution! (NEW video)

WARNING: The information in this video may change your life!

If personal health and fitness are part of your New Year’s Resolutions, this informative video—featuring MonaVie RVL spokesperson and best-selling nutrition and fitness author Mark Macdonald—is for you!

MonaVie RVL products + Body Confidence program = Lasting Results

Learn how to lose weight the right way and achieve life-long body confidence through a combination of knowledge and nutrition. Whether you want to lose weight, burn fat, build lean muscle, boost your metabolism, increase your energy, or all of the above, the solution is simple: Stabilize your blood sugar and achieve proper nutrition with MonaVie RVL and the right food, and achieve your goals permanently.

Go ahead, watch the video and see how Mark is ready to partner with you to help you achieve your goals in 2012 and beyond!

Dec 30, 2011

Catch best-selling author Keith Ferrazzi on "The Doctors"

Catch best-selling author Keith Ferrazzi on "The Doctors" today (check your local listings).  Keith will be a featured speaker at MonaVie 2.0 in Dallas.  His newest book, Who's Got Your Back: The Breakthrough Program to Build Deep, Trusting Relationships That Create Success — and Won't Let You Fail is a guide to mastering four "mindsets" that allow readers to develop mutually beneficial "lifeline relationships" in the workplace as well as their personal lives.

Dec 28, 2011

In Loving Memory of Ms. Ruth, Beloved MonaVie Distributor

On Christmas Day, MonaVie lost a dear distributor, Ms. Ruth from Addison, Michigan. At 99 years of age, Ms. Ruth was perhaps one of the most elderly MonaVie distributors in the world. But, age did not keep her from living and enjoying life to its fullest potential. The MonaVie Executive Team and corporate staff expresses our gratitude to Ms. Ruth for being a vibrant example of what it means to live A More Meaningful Life. We also offer our sincere condolences to her family and friends.

Below is a warm tribute from Gold Executive Ann Morton on what Ms. Ruth meant to her and to MonaVie…

"Ms. Ruth enrolled in MonaVie in January 2010 and immediately received great results with MonaVie Pulse. She joined her daughter for a conference in Atlanta, Georgia, that March. While at that conference, she fell in love with the people and company and immediately registered for another MonaVie event scheduled for the following August. She said then that she was going to build this business.

"At that meeting, we celebrated her 98th birthday on August 20, 2010. She immediately became an inspiration to many MonaVie distributors. People would stop us constantly to get a picture with her. She out-walked many, and I remember having to force her to stop and rest for some of the long walks from the room to the convention center.

"She lived in Addison, Michigan, (population 500) but came to Greenville, South Carolina, five months out of the year to stay warm and be with her daughter. Ms. Ruth reached the rank of Star 1,000 in a very small town, while living alone, with no computer, and without driving; she loved people and believed in the product! She was passionate about MonaVie and loved Dallin and Brig.

"She will surely be missed by our team, and I will miss her tremendously for the great zest for life she always brought when she entered any room."

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