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Jul 3, 2012

Earn Up to $3,000 in Weekly Bonuses through the Executive Order Bonus Promotion

Each week, distributors across North America just like you say yes to A More Meaningful Life by sharing our wonderful products and opportunity with those who desperately need MonaVie in their lives; and, MonaVie rewards you considerably for your efforts. Now, we’ve found a way to bring even more rewards to you and your business with our new Weekly Executive Order Bonus Promotion!


Jul 2, 2012

Check Out the New RVL Website with Mark Macdonald

Check Out the New RVL Website with Mark Macdonald

Jun 29, 2012

MonaVie’s Corporate Offices Closed for Independence Day

In observance of Independence Day (U.S.), MonaVie’s corporate offices will be closed on Wednesday, July 4. This includes MonaVie Support, Executive Support, and all product pickup centers in the United States.

You may still place orders online by logging into your Virtual Office.

Enjoy the holiday!

Jun 28, 2012

Vote MonaVie as the 2012 Top Direct Selling Company in the World

MonaVie nation, it’s time to cast your vote! Business for Home is holding a poll to see which company is the Top Direct Selling Company in the World in 2012, and we need your help to reach the summit.

From the launch of 2.0, MonaVie MX, Nutritional Chemistry®, and MVP, to the extra muscle we’ve added behind MonaVie RVL and the RVLution with New York Times best-selling author Mark Macdonald, MonaVie has once again set new industry standards in 2012.   

Help MonaVie come out on top and gain global recognition by clicking on the link below and casting your vote. 

Jun 25, 2012

How MonaVie RVL Products Work Together to Do What Diets Cannot

Click Here to watch Mark Macdonald, Nutrition and Fitness Expert and Dr. Shawn Talbott, MonaVie Vice President, Research and Development - How MonaVie RVL Products Work Together to Do What Diets Cannot 

Jun 25, 2012

American Idol’s Shaun Canon Sings of “A More Meaningful Life”

Jun 8, 2012

$100,000 Paid in Executive Order Bonus Payouts!

MonaVie is pleased to announce that in the first payout of our new Executive Order Bonus Program, $100,000 in total bonuses were paid to hardworking distributors all across North America! MonaVie congratulates our top EOB earners so far:

Jun 7, 2012

MonaVie Goodness: Waking Up to a New Day (New Video)

In the first Goodness compilation video, you were introduced to a young girl named “Hana.” Her journey with MonaVie continues in this next installment of the Goodness series titled, “MonaVie Goodness: Waking Up to a New Day.”

Watch video.


May 30, 2012

American Idol's Shaun Canon Debuts “A More Meaningful Life” Music Video

Enter to win free product with Facebook promo!

American Idol's Shaun Canon released his newest music video today called “A More Meaningful Life.” Sound familiar? That's right...he was inspired by MonaVie's motto of living A More Meaningful Life.

To watch the premiere of this exclusive music video and enter to win a free one month supply of MonaVie Mx juice, follow these steps:

May 29, 2012

MonaVie Unveils Goodness Campaign: “Pure Goodness. Pure MonaVie.”

At our recent Convention of the Americas in St. Louis (May 17–19), MonaVie officially introduced its Goodness campaign, which features the slogan: Pure Goodness. Pure MonaVie.


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