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Dec 10, 2012

Rex Crain, Mark Macdonald to Speak at Get a VIEW Conference in Orlando

Everyone is getting ready for the full launch of VIEW, January 31–February 2, 2013, at the Get a VIEW Conference in Orlando, including two speakers MonaVie distributors have come to know and love—life coach and humanitarian Rex Crain and health expert Mark Macdonald!

Rex Crain, Author, Speaker, and Peak Performance Coach
Born and Raised in Southern California, Rex Crain's first passion was baseball. Like a dream come true, he was signed by the Boston Red Sox at the age of 18. But just weeks before leaving for his second season, Rex had a spiritual encounter that altered his life’s course and caused him to leave his baseball career behind and pursue the discovery of his "God idea."
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Dec 4, 2012

Watch Dr. Shawn Talbott’s Appearance on Fox 10 Arizona Morning

MonaVie Chief Science Officer Dr. Shawn Talbott recently appeared on Fox 10 Arizona Morning and showed a couple news anchors how to get their Life Scores with the VIEW, MonaVie’s antioxidant scanner. Shawn also discussed some ways to naturally boost your energy, as well as why it’s important to look at your sleep, stress, and nutrition levels before reaching for an unhealthy energy drink.

Click here to watch Dr. Shawn Talbott on Fox 10 Arizona Morning.

Dec 6, 2012

MonaVie Corporate Team Members Share Their Belief for 2013 (Video)

A few members of the MonaVie North America team check in from the corporate office in Utah to share their vision for what 2013 will bring for MonaVie and you. With the upcoming launch of VIEW, MonaVie’s antioxidant scanner, and a continued commitment to delivering healthy solutions validated by science, the opportunities for growth are ever present and available to those who believe.

Watch the video to hear what the following North America team executives had to say:

  • Katy Holt-Larsen, Vice President of North America
  • Dr. Shawn Talbott, Chief Science Officer
  • Mark Macdonald, MonaVie’s Nutrition, and Fitness Expert
  • Walter Noot, Chief Operating Officer
  • Scott Andersen, Director of North America

Watch the video.

Dec 4, 2012

Learn Black Diamond Growth Tips and More (December Organizational Call Replay)

Founder, Chairman, and CEO Dallin A. Larsen was joined by new Presidential Black Diamond Executive Calvin Becerra, Vice President of North America Katy Holt-Larsen, and Blue Diamond Executive Lance Smith on the December North America Organizational Call.

Listen to the replay and apply into your life and business the principles they have to share!

Dec 3, 2012

December 2012 MVP Lifelong Learning—Subscribe Today!

MVP Lifelong Learning blends training and motivational topics delivered by experts and key leadership through CDs, books, and more on a monthly subscription program.


Your December 2012 subscription offering includes:

  • The Science of VIEW” by Shawn TalbottChief Science Officer

Dr. Shawn Talbott, Ph.D., LDN, FACSM, explores the science of the MonaVie VIEW Antioxidant Scanner and the importance of maintaining a healthy antioxidant network. With refreshing candor, Dr. Talbott explains the cutting-edge technology of VIEW and reveals how improving your antioxidant score will affect your health. 

Nov 30, 2012

Dr. Shawn Talbott Promoted to Chief Science Officer for MonaVie

MonaVie is pleased to announce the promotion of Dr. Shawn Talbott to Chief Science Officer. A well-known scientist and expert in metabolism, weight loss, sports nutrition, and human performance, Dr. Talbott has proven to be a great advocate for developing high quality health products that make a measurable difference in people’s lives.   

Dr. Talbott joined the MonaVie family in January 2012 as Vice President of Research and Product Development. In this capacity, he was responsible for developing and overseeing the creation of new products and MonaVie’s research efforts to provide credible, third-party validation of MonaVie products.

Nov 30, 2012

Katy Holt-Larsen Named MonaVie Vice President of North America

As MonaVie Vice President of North America, Katy works side by side with MonaVie Founder, Chairman, and CEO Dallin A. Larsen, and is responsible for creating and driving strategy and running the day to day operations for MonaVie’s North America business. Katy is passionate about small business success for distributors and building partnerships that drive results. Most recently, Katy was Chief of Staff working across all MonaVie markets, as well as Executive Director of MonaVie’s charity, MORE Project, a position she retains. 

Nov 30, 2012

Gavon Barkdull Named MonaVie President of U.S. Latino

MonaVie is pleased to announce that Gavon Barkdull’s role has expanded to include responsibilities over the accelerating U.S. Latino market. Gavon’s new title is President of Latin America and U.S. Latino. In this new role, Gavon will be able to build a common thread between our growing Latin America markets and the U.S. Latino market.

Nov 20, 2012

Why MonaVie Emv Should Be Your Energy Drink of Choice

There is no denying that energy drinks are popular—Americans consume nearly $8 billion of Red Bull, Rockstar, Monster, and related beverages every year. And yet, numerous media reports have called energy drinks “useless” to “dangerous.”

See how MonaVie Emv and Emv Lite compare to other energy drinks.

Nov 19, 2012

MonaVie’s Corporate Offices Closed for Thanksgiving Holiday

In observance of Thanksgiving Day (United States holiday), MonaVie’s corporate offices will be closed Thursday, November 22, and Friday, November 23. This includes MonaVie Support and all product pickup centers in the United States.

You will still be able to order products online through your Virtual Office. Enjoy the holiday!

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