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Dec 4, 2009

Congratulations Preferred Customer Bonus Challenge Winners!

The first wave of the Preferred Customer Bonus Challenge is over and the results are in.

Congratulations to grand prize winner Gregory Draven (Star 1000, U.S.), who wins a US$4,000 bonus check. Runners up Kelly Roth (Gold Executive, U.S.), Terry and Alexis Sweatt (Star 1000, U.S.), and VMS, Inc. (Silver Executive, U.S.) each win US$2,000 bonus checks.

MonaVie also congratulates the following distributors who have earned the right to participate equally in the Preferred Customer Bonus Challenge pool. Each distributorship below earned a payout of US$750* for having five different preferred customers in their organizations place orders during the period of October 31 to November 27, 2009:

Mariya Andreyevskikh (Star 1000, U.S.)

Christopher Anguay (Star 500, U.S.)

Tamara and Michael Archer (Blue Diamond Executive, U.S.)

Theodore Bidon (Star 1000, U.S.)

Noelle Braun (Distributor, U.S.)

Billy Brown (Distributor, U.S.)

Jaysee Carsen (Blue Diamond Executive, U.S.)

Katsiaryna Cassidy (Distributor, U.K.)

Michael Christie (Star 1000, U.S.)

Doug Ciuba (Star 500, U.S.)

Sean Clayton (Gold Executive, U.S.)

Kaleinani Detjen (Star 1000, U.S.)

Susi Dickerson (Star 500, U.S.)

Leslie Fischer (Distributor, U.S.)

David Fried (Star 500, U.S.)

Dennis Grettner (Silver Executive, U.S.)

Peggy Laird (Bronze Executive, U.S.)

Adam Lane (Star, Australia)

Tim Matlock and Linda Jensen (Distributor, Canada)

Anthony and Sherrie McKnight (Blue Diamond Executive, U.S.)

Damon Morgan (Distributor, U.S.)

Sue Pekel (Distributor, U.S.)

Fred and Sherry Pries (Bronze Executive, U.S.)

Paula and Richard Randall (Bronze Executive, U.S.)

Mike and Donna Reynolds (Star 500, U.S.)

Tanya Renz (Distributor, U.S.)

Yesmin Rivero (Bronze Executive, U.S.)

Clara Rohrer (Star 1000, U.S.)

Michael Santi (Star 1000, France)

Saundra Sloniger (Star, U.S.)

Alain and Angel Tchurukdichian (Star 1000, France)

Benjamin Thomas (Distributor, U.S.)

Tiphanie Todd (Distributor, U.S.)

Chris and Kinga Wasiak (Gold Executive, Australia)

Joseph and Christine Weber (Distributor, U.S.)

Steven Wiideman (Star 1000, U.S.)

Michael Wisneski (Star, France)

Valentina Zubareva (Star 1000, U.S.)

?? ????? (Star 1000, Israel)

????? ???? (Star 1000, Israel)

The second Preferred Customer Bonus Challenge period has already begun and will run until December 25, 2009. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to earn huge cash rewards; sign up some preferred customers and help them make purchases today!

Click here for complete details.

* As more distributors qualify for participation in the Preferred Customer Bonus Challenge pool, the payout may fluctuate.

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