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Jan 6, 2010

Compensation Plan Update: Top Retailers Bonus

MonaVie is pleased to announce yet another enhancement to the MonaVie Compensation Plan—the Top Retailers Bonus. This new bonus is paid on top of the compensation paid in the past. With the addition of the Top Retailers Bonus, there are now 9 Ways to Earn Income!

The Top Retailers Bonus rewards distributors who achieve high retail sales to Preferred Customers. Distributors who have at least five Preferred Customer sales may also earn a share in the Top Retailers Bonus pool.

Following is a more detailed description of the Top Retailers Bonus:

Distributors who achieve high retail sales* (with a minimum of five sales to separate preferred customers) over a four week period will be rewarded with a Top Retailers Bonus. The distributor with the most authenticated sales to his or her Preferred Customers will receive a bonus of 4,000 GBU. The next three distributors with the most volume from qualified retail and Preferred Customer sales will receive a bonus of 2,000 GBU. All remaining distributors with sales to at least five different Preferred Customers during the four week incentive period will earn a share of a pool equal to at least 1% of the total Preferred Customer Personal Volume.

* The Top Retailers Bonus is awarded to the top retailers worldwide and is not determined by country. Preferred Customer sales to the same shipping address or to the distributor’s shipping address do not qualify.

To view the updated MonaVie Compensation Plan, please visit your Virtual Office.

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