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Feb 17, 2009

Compensation Plan Update—First Order Bonus (FOB)

As part of the MonaVie Stimulus Package, we are pleased to announce that a change has been made to the Compensation Plan, making it easier for distributors to earn the First Order Bonus (FOB).

Beginning after the pay period that ends Friday, February 13, 2009, distributors will no longer be required to be qualified in order to receive the FOB; distributors who earn the FOB simply need to be active.

In other words, active distributors with at least 200 PV earn a one-time-only FOB of 20% of the PV (up to a maximum of $40), and active distributors with 100-199 PV earn a one-time-only FOB of 10% of the PV (up to a maximum of $20) when their personally sponsored distributors place a first-time order of MonaVie products.

View the updated Compensation Plan in the Document Library of your Virtual Office for full details.

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