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Jul 16, 2010

Compensation Plan Now Provides Two Ways to Qualify Ruby to Blue Diamond!

The modification to the Compensation Plan announced earlier this month is now in effect! You can now choose the way you qualify at the ranks of Ruby to Blue Diamond Executive.

As an alternative to including a qualified Star 500 in each of your required personal enrollment tree legs, you now have the option to meet PEAR volume per leg requirements as indicated in this chart.

With this approach, you have the freedom to qualify the way that works best for you!

No Star 500 Requirement for Hawaiian Blue Diamond and Above Executives
In addition to giving you two ways to qualify for Ruby to Blue Diamond, we've also eliminated the requirement to include a qualified Star 500 in each of seven personal enrollment tree legs in order to qualify at Hawaiian Blue Diamond and above.

With the help of these improvements, qualifying at Executive-level ranks has never been easier!

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