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Jul 6, 2010

Check Out the New MonaVie Microsites!

Look up and to the right at the top navigation menu on MonaVie Media Center, and you'll notice the very last tab that says "Microsites."

This is where you'll find specially designed websites aimed at helping you brush up on your product knowledge as well as teach those whom you share MonaVie with a little more about our premier blends—MonaVie Essential, MonaVie Active, MonaVie Pulse, MonaVie (M)m?n, MonaVie EMV, and MonaVie EMV Lite. Featuring complete overviews of each MonaVie product, these microsites combine a sleek design with concise, need-to-know information about the benefits, science, and other essential product facts at the click of a mouse.

See for yourself why MonaVie products are products with purpose!

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