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Jul 27, 2010

AutoShip Advantage Club: Exclusive Shipping Discounts

Becoming a successful leader in MonaVie starts with the AutoShip Advantage Club, the place for the biggest savings and the best rewards. Simply sign up for AutoShip and you’re in the club!

Get up to 30% off Shipping on all Product Orders
As an AutoShip Advantage 100 Club member, you are guaranteed an exclusive 10% discount on shipping right to your door. Join the AutoShip Advantage 200 or 300 Clubs, and you get exclusive shipping discounts of 20% and 30%, respectively. All you have to do is get on AutoShip at 100 PV (100 Club), 200 PV (200 Club), or 300 PV (300 Club).

For complete details on how you can save money, save time, and get rewards, visit

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