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Jan 19, 2009

Alfonso Todd Named General Manager of MonaVie Mexico

MonaVie is pleased to announce that Alfonso Todd has been named General Manager of MonaVie Mexico.

Alfonso joins MonaVie with 13 years of industry experience as marketing director and general manager for other notable direct selling companies, such as Betterware, Sunrider International, USANA Health Sciences, and Agel. Alfonso was instrumental in successfully launching some of these companies in Mexico and served as project leader over developments in Argentina, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, as well as Hispanic markets in the United States. Alfonso's expertise also derives from three years' experience as brand manager for various pharmaceutical companies and a two-year tenure as marketing director for a leading global electronics company. He holds a degree in business administration and a master's degree in marketing.

We are delighted to welcome Alfonso to MonaVie.

"MonaVie is the exemplar when it comes to motivating people to achieve their dreams. I envision this company as being the forerunner of a new way of conducting direct selling business in Mexico. That is to say, MonaVie is a company rooted in ethics and honor, truly committed to these values and its people."
—Alfonso Todd, General Manager, MonaVie Mexico

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