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Jun 28, 2010

A New Generation of MonaVie—Fortified Juice Blends

At Convention, distributors learned that an integral element in the future of MonaVie is unlocking the wellness potential of every product we deliver. Because MonaVie is dedicated to scientific research, our products will continue to be made better as we continue to learn more about their health-providing ingredients. In fact, our premier juice blends—MonaVie Essential (Original), MonaVie Active, MonaVie Pulse, and MonaVie (M)m?n—have already been enhanced* in five ways:

1. AcaVie. MonaVie now has a patented brand of acai; it's called AcaVie, and it's the most potent form of acai available anywhere in the world. Look for the AcaVie logo on MonaVie premier juice blends, as it's your personal guarantee that you are getting the most superior acai products ever introduced into the market.

2. Enlivenox. Another patented ingredient exclusive to MonaVie, Enlivenox is a component of AcaVie and delivers 10 times more polyphenols than regular acai.

3. New superfruits. MonaVie premier juice blends now contain three new superfruits that deliver your body even more antioxidant power—jabuticaba, jucara, and maqui.

4. Fibersol-2™. With Fibersol-2, you can drink to your health with the confidence that the MonaVie juice you love is fortified with soluble fibers.

5. Vitamins A, C, E, B6 and B12. Again, more antioxidant power equals more protection against free radicals and oxidative stress.

By fortifying the MonaVie juice blends, we took our already powerful formulas and made them even better. Now offering greater benefits, our enhanced products help fight the damaging effects of oxidative stress while supporting your overall health.

"We commit to you that we will always make the best better," Senior Vice President Jeff Graham said.

* The fortified products will be made available as existing inventories deplete based on sales.

Future MonaVie Products
In addition to our fortified juice blends, Jeff Graham also gave distributors at Convention a glimpse into the future of MonaVie products. Jeff announced that distributors can look forward to building their businesses with the help of 2-ounce single serving shots of MonaVie Active and MonaVie (M)m?n, as well as a line of MonaVie meal replacement products in the weight management category.

"We may not be the first to market," Jeff said, "but I promise you we will be the best in market."

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