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Mar 15, 2010

2010 Indianapolis Regional Meeting Recap

Energy levels rose to meteoric heights at the Indianapolis Convention Center on Saturday, March 13. Perhaps that had something to do with the high-demand samples of upcoming MonaVie EMV Lite offered at the regional meeting. But, it was also due to the messages of hope, belief, and success that were delivered by MonaVie corporate executives and distributors leaders from near and far.

MonaVie Founder and Vice Chairman Henry Marsh led the meeting and asked distributors to share their life experiences that have left imprints of success on their minds. "When you surround yourself with great people, you feel the imprints of success," Henry said.

MonaVie EMV Driver Tomas Scheckter Makes Surprise Visit
One of the many great people within the MonaVie family is IndyCar Series driver Tomas Scheckter, who made a surprise appearance to announce that he will once again drive the MonaVie EMV car at this year's Indianapolis 500 on May 30.

Tomas also imparted how he's been imprinted with an attitude of success in his life. He said that his father—a former world champion Formula 1 driver—instilled in him the will to succeed at early an age. He's always believed that he could achieve his goals on the racetrack, and he is excited to go after one of those goals in May.

"I've won a lot of laps at the Indy 500," Tomas said. "But, I've yet to win the entire race, so hopefully I can do it this year in the MonaVie car."

A Culture of Abundant Giving
Attendees in Indianapolis wholeheartedly grasped onto the concept of drawing upon their imprints of success as they shared their personal stories, including a Ruby Executive named Mark. Mark described how seeing his father become heavily involved in charity work after recovering from a stroke motivated him to find ways to give back to his community through his own charitable efforts.

"So many of us take so much for granted because we figure we're doing okay," Mark said. "Well, there are a lot of people who aren't doing okay, and they're relying on our abundance to help them out."

The MORE Project's Sponsor a Child Program
Cultivating a culture of abundant serving and giving has been a core value in MonaVie from the very beginning. One of the ways this is evident is through The MORE Project.

Andrea Barnes, the Director of Giving Programs for The MORE Project, was in Indianapolis to invite distributors to care for the destitute children in Brazil by getting involved in the Sponsor a Child program.

Through the Sponsor a Child program, you have the privilege of personally changing a life through direct correspondence with a child at The MORE Project. You will experience the joy of doing more than merely making cash donations; you'll have the opportunity to develop a special relationship with the child you serve by getting to know who he or she really is, and then meet one another on a MORE Project expedition.

Visit to download a Sponsor a Child registration form today.

Wellmune®—A Natural Product that Enhances Immune Function
One of the major announcements revealed in Indianapolis is the fact that a portion of every dollar spent on MonaVie products and apparel goes to The MORE Project. That's especially great news, as sales continue to soar with the addition of MonaVie (M)mūn to our family of products. Speaking of MonaVie's newest product, Dr. Paul Clayton returned to the regional meeting stage to speak about MonaVie (M)mūn's main ingredient, Wellmune?, as it relates to overall healthy living.

A Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, Dr. Clayton said that most Americans are unable to eat the recommended daily portions of fruits and vegetables. This is why products like MonaVie that concentrate nutrition into easily consumable forms are so important to leading healthy lives.

Building the MonaVie Brand One Person at a Time
Vice President of Marketing Wayne Moorehead spoke about how in just five years MonaVie has become a global brand, with the MonaVie name and logo being found in numerous magazines and television shows worldwide, as well as through sales tools found at MonaVie Mall.

Explaining that a brand is more than just a logo or a slogan, Wayne said that the power of a brand is found in what we think and how we feel about a product or company. "It's built through all the different experiences we have with a product or company, and I can't think of a more incredible brand than MonaVie," he said.

One way we're all helping to build the MonaVie brand is through social networking. In recent months, MonaVie has been at the forefront of the social networking world through our Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as Blog MV. As more and more people stay plugged into MonaVie through these channels every day, the MonaVie brand continues to be strengthened and exposed to millions globally.

"By sharing MonaVie one person at a time, you're getting MonaVie into the hands of some incredible people; and, the word is definitely getting out," Wayne said.

A Formula for Success
MonaVie's International Distributor Ambassador Randy Schroeder also taught distributors how to get the word out about MonaVie when he described a formula that he believes will result in success when applied to any MonaVie business.

The first factor in the formula is a highly developed set of skills within the context of your own personality. The second factor is a highly developed/developing character. These two things combined with proper daily activities, the MonaVie opportunity, and time will result in building a successful MonaVie business.

"Here's what I've observed over 20 years in the business," Randy said. "If you want to build a successful business, then reach up, reach laterally, and reach down to help others achieve success."

The next corporate-sponsored MonaVie event in the United States will be in Salt Lake City, Utah, at the MonaVie International Convention, June 24–26, 2010. Stay tuned to for updates and registration information.

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