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Apr 18, 2009

2009 Orlando Regional Recap

As MonaVie Founder and President Dallin Larsen welcomed the nearly 30,000 combined distributors in attendance and watching the Orlando Regional Meeting online, he asked a simple question: "What are your dreams?" The rest of the day would be spent hearing from people who are seeing their dreams come to fruition thanks to the MonaVie opportunity.

From the many Star-level through Gold-level distributors who shared their stories of better health and wealth to the uplifting speeches of MonaVie's newest Black Diamond distributors, an air of faith and belief in this tremendous company permeated throughout the event.

Dallin set the tone for the meeting as he described his boyhood dreams of seeing the world, raising a family, and building a world-class team that would make a difference—all dreams that Dallin has now realized.

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Corporate Culture

Two members of that world-class team Dallin spoke of, Chief Operating Officer Dell Brown and Chief Financial Officer Devin Thorpe, each took the stage to give distributors a glimpse of the corporate culture at MonaVie.

Dell provided an overview of the corporate operations at MonaVie, including the behind-the-scenes activities of MonaVie's contact center and 16 international warehouses. "We have the most dedicated and capable corporate staff in network marketing history," Dell said. "And, they know that you are their boss."

Devin's message was simple and unequivocal: "MonaVie is a safe place for you to build your business." Devin told the audience to take comfort in MonaVie because the company is profitable and growing. "MonaVie has the power to help you accomplish your dreams," he said.

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New Product Updates

There's no doubt that the growth Devin spoke of is thanks in large part to MonaVie's Product Development team. Vice President of Product Management Jeff Graham gave distributors plenty to get excited about as he announced two major product updates.

Along with announcing that MonaVie Kosher—the very same formula that is sold in Israel—is now available for purchase in the U.S., Jeff gave distributors a sneak peek at MonaVie's new energy drink and indicated that more information is forthcoming. "I would advise all of you to make efforts to be in Salt Lake City on June 20," he said, adding that MonaVie will soon be bringing "healthy energy" to the market.

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Sustainable Harvesting and Rainforest Preservation Education Agreement

Executive Vice President and Cofounder Randy Larsen made a spectacular announcement of his own that underscored just how many dreams MonaVie can fulfill, now and for years to come.

In May 2009, Randy will visit the city of Brasilia to execute the Sustainable Harvesting and Rainforest Preservation Education Agreement between MonaVie and the Ministry of the Environment, Chico Mendes Institute (a branch of the Brazilian government). The unique partnership will further help preserve the Amazon Rainforest and promote sustainable harvesting of the acai berry.

"I ask you to remember the people in the rain forest in your prayers," Randy exhorted. "We are all connected. Every time you purchase a bottle of MonaVie, you're making a difference in the world."

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The MORE Project—Gustavo and Patrick

Sergio Ponce, the MORE Project Brazil director, echoed Randy's words of love for the people of Brazil. Sergio told the inspiring stories of two young boys, Gustavo and Patrick, who come from very different backgrounds but whose lives have been forever changed by the MORE Project.

The MORE Project has given Gustavo and Patrick the gift of education, something that has not been possible in their lives until now. For Patrick, who has never met his own father, the MORE Project has provided so much more, including food and a new home.

As Sergio concluded the touching stories of these two kids, Gustavo and Patrick stunned everyone watching by walking out onstage. The boys took full advantage of their first time in front of a captivated crowd in the U.S. by performing a thrilling hip-hop dance routine to a standing ovation.

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Recording artist Phillip LaRue, who sang his original song, "Chasing the Daylight" earlier in the day, closed out the morning session by singing another of his original compositions, "Mountains High, Valleys Low."

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"First Class to Fenway" Promotion

In the afternoon session, Dallin energized distributors by announcing a new MonaVie promotion. The "First Class to Fenway" Promotion is a sports-lover's dream. MonaVie's top six Star Maker distributorships (between April 18 and July 31, 2009) will fly first-class to Tampa Bay, Florida, where they'll join Dallin and Karree Larsen for a trip on the MonaVie Jet to Boston, Massachusetts. There, they will stay at a luxurious hotel and attend a Boston Red Sox vs. New York Yankees game at Fenway Park with Dallin and Karree.

Black Diamond Celebration 2010 Preview

Dallin didn't stop there. He also gave distributors a preview of what's to come for Black Diamond Executives and above in 2010—a trip to Tahiti with accommodations at the Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora. Black Diamond Celebration 2010 will be April 26–May 2, 2010. The deadline to qualify is February 26, 2010.

As all great showmen do, Dallin left distributors wanting more as he promised to unveil Black Diamond Celebration 2012—a trip that coincides with the seven-year anniversary of MonaVie—at the upcoming Super Regional in Salt Lake City, June 20. Dallin guaranteed the trip will be a spectacular, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

New Black Diamond Documentaries

Distributors looking to reserve spots on those trips include Ronn and Jan Prpich, Randy and Tara Schroeder, and Orrin and Laurie Woodward, whose Black Diamond documentaries debuted at the Orlando Regional. Each MonaVie leader then took the microphone to share their experiences and words of advice to the thousands watching.

"There are few things in life that are truly worthy of our passion; this is one of them." —Jan Prpich

"If you're looking for a home, this is it." -Ronn Prpich

"There is no solitary success in network marketing; there are only successes predicated upon other people's successes." —Randy Schroeder

"We are the greatest group ever assembled in network marketing, and we're going to make history." —Orrin Woodward

Royal Black Diamond and Crowne Black Diamond Presentations

The Orlando Meeting ended with Scott and Sue Olsen's Royal Black Diamond presentation followed by Steve and Gina Merritt's Crowne Black Diamond presentation.

"This is a place where you can find your dream." —Sue Olsen
"To be blessed with a vision is not enough; we must live it." —Scott Olsen

"This is the right product at the right time. You're in the right place." —Gina Merritt
"You can't argue with success." —Steve Merritt

Thanking the pioneers of the company, Dallin Larsen encouraged all distributors to share their gifts and talents with others in order to see their dreams come true and for MonaVie to realize its ultimate goals. "There's nothing like a dream to create the future," he said.

MonaVie's next Regional Meeting is in Dallas, Texas, May 16, 2009.

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