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Jan 23, 2012

Cruise for Gold Qualifiers—Pat and Svetlana Corrigan

Congratulations to Pat and Svetlana Corrigan from Silver Spring, Maryland, on qualifying for the Cruise for Gold trip! Here’s what they had to say about qualifying for the cruise…

"Our MonaVie story started when a friend brought what we thought was a wine bottle to Lana’s birthday party. Lana started with MonaVie Pulse and experienced benefits within months. We ordered MonaVie RVL as soon as it became available. Both of us had very good results, losing 15 pounds and 22 pounds and keeping it off for almost a year now.

"We are in our mid-40s and have two young children. We also have a history of significant health issues in our families. We want to be able to go to our kids’ weddings and spend time with our grandchildren. Staying healthy for as long as possible with MonaVie products became one of our priorities. We owe it to our children.

"After promoting MonaVie for two years, we wondered why we weren’t having great business results like so many other people. We believed in the product and the business model. We made some money, attended events, and met people who made it big in MonaVie. Listening to Randy Schroeder one day, it hit me: ‘do you believe you can do it?’ There it was! It turned out we had to work on ourselves.

"We discovered three ‘musts:’ 1. We must set a goal and a date for our goal. Otherwise, it becomes some event in the future that never comes. We had to make all our calls by December 23 (the deadline for the cruise qualification). There was no turning back or postponing. Every day, we made at least five calls and met with at least one person. 2. We must develop the knowledge of what we really want and make it so real and tangible. With the cruise as our prize, we could feel the warm sun, hear the sound of the ocean, and almost taste the salty water. 3. We must find an active upline, connect with them, and tell them our goals.

"We would not have done it without our active upline, Diamond Executives Valentina and Paul Meehan. We’d make an initial call, and they would follow up with a call or set a meeting. One day during our second week of qualification, Lana texted Valentina: ‘I am so frustrated. Made 14 calls (some were new prospects, others were follow-ups), and nobody picked up the phone or called back!’ It was a really bad day for morale. But, Valentina was able to center Lana on the activity itself—not on the immediate result.

"Qualifying for Gold Executive and the Cruise for Gold gives us a sense of accomplishment and belief in ourselves. It is also a great rehearsal for what it takes to go to the next level. We’ll see you at Diamond Destination!"

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