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Jan 17, 2012

New Diamond Executives—Ryan and Jolene Doktorczyk

Congratulations to Ryan and Jolene Doktorczyk from Murrieta, California, on achieving the rank of Diamond Executive. Here's what they had to say on reaching this impressive milestone…

"The most important component to our success in MonaVie and reaching the rank of Diamond Executive is, without a doubt, the help and support of our team—both upline and downline. Having a direct line of sponsorship that starts with new Diamond Executives Josh and Jorene Miller and continues to new Blue Diamonds Kenny and Stephanie Kuhnhofer and then to Blue Diamonds Byron and Karen Moles is what might be referred to in the sporting world as a 'Dream Team!' The fact that Byron's and Karen's sponsor is Blue Diamond Melissa Turner, and then above Melissa is all seven-figure earners and mentors in MonaVie makes our line of sponsorship second to no other, in our humble opinion, in the entire community commerce industry.

"What we love most about the MonaVie opportunity is that it is built completely around service to others. One of our favorite scripture verses is Mark 9:35, which says, 'Sitting down, Jesus called the Twelve and said, 'Anyone who wants to be first must be the very last, and the servant of all.' To become successful in MonaVie, the process almost forces you to grow and develop into a leader. And to us, leadership is simply the willingness to accept the responsibility of assisting others.

"Add to that the value proposition—which in our eyes is higher quality, more cost-effective, and convenient products that every human body on earth needs every day—and MonaVie was just too powerful for us to ignore! From a business standpoint, MonaVie's Five-Star Opportunity and the chance for us to partner with a company that reached $1 billion in less than four years made the decision to join MonaVie a no-brainer for us.

"We got involved in MonaVie in June 2008 when our great friends and sponsors, Josh and Jorene Miller, reached out to us excited to share an opportunity. At that time, the sole source of income for our family was our real estate business, and as everyone now knows, the real estate industry was one of the first and hardest hit by the current recession. So needless to say, we were definitely looking.

"We had (and still have) big dreams, so we hit the ground running. We knew we had our hands on something that was going to be life changing for our family, and we reached out to everyone we knew to share it with them. We contacted nearly 60 people in our first week as distributors. That got the momentum started. And, from those initial contacts and the people they knew, and the people those people knew, and so on, we have been blessed with some of the most phenomenal business partners that we now have the privilege of calling friends.

"The greatest thing about MonaVie is that literally anyone can succeed to whatever extent they choose—the operative word being 'choose.' As with any other endeavor, you have to know what you want out of MonaVie. As we often say, you must have a 'why' that will make you cry. If your reason for building MonaVie is truly big enough (which usually means it is centered on blessing the lives of the people you care the most about), then there's a good chance you will be willing to develop some new skills, the most important of which is the ability to believe you can do this. Your beliefs will dictate your actions; and, in MonaVie success is 100 percent tied to your activity level.

"Our family was in serious financial straits when we joined MonaVie, but we were determined not to allow our current circumstances to dictate our future! If you can commit to yourself that your 'why' is bigger than any obstacle that you will encounter along the way, then you will find yourself well down the path to achieving all that you set out for when you embarked on your MonaVie journey."

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