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Jan 16, 2012

MonaVie 90-day Weight Loss RVLution!

RVL Spokesperson Mark Macdonald and RVL Coach Renita Brannan proved to be a dynamic duo at MonaVie 2.0 in Dallas. Their energy and excitement was truly contagious. It’s safe to say that everyone in attendance left with a goal to achieve better health in 2012 through the MonaVie RVLution.

Mark showed us that the RVLution isn’t just about weight loss. First, not everyone needs to lose weight. Some people simply want to maintain their current weight, increase their lean muscle mass, get fit, or eat healthier. He showed us how anyone can accomplish these goals through the three phases of the RVLution: weight loss, breakthrough, and lifestyle.

Phase 1: Weight Loss – This phase is self-explanatory. If your goal is to lose weight and body fat, Phase 1 will turn your body into a fat-burning machine! 
Phase 2: Breakthrough – This is a place dieting can never take you. The reality is that you will plateau—it’s the way your body protects itself. The key is in knowing what to do to burst through that plateau. Phase 2 will give you the tools for this.
Phase 3: Lifestyle – Forever succeeding with your health is accomplished by permanently infusing your program into your world. Phase 3 will lead you through the process of truly living the program and including your family and friends.

Signing up for the MonaVie RVLution is simple. Visit for details.

The RVL product line dovetails perfectly with Macdonald’s Body Confidence program, which focuses on three key nutrition principles: (1) Frequent meals that keep blood sugar levels steady and help to prevent overeating and blood sugar spikes; (2) Maintaining correct nutrition ratios—getting the right balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fat in every meal; and (3) Managing meal size—eating smaller meals every few hours keeps blood sugar levels steady. It also features 30 minutes of physical activity five to seven days a week.

Macdonald says the power of the RVL/Body Confidence program is that it works and is sustainable in the long-term, because it’s not based on fads, quick promises, or dramatic changes in diet. “This program is for anyone who seeks to break the cycle of crash dieting and extreme exercise programs that almost always end in failure. The 90-day RVLution is a way to embark on a smart, sustainable plan to achieve the body you’ve always wanted.”

“City and Home RVLution Kit” (now available in your Virtual Office!)
The City and Home RVLution Kit previously outlined here is now available in the Document Library of your Virtual Office. During her time on stage, Renita Brannan detailed how she successfully held numerous mini RVLution events. This RVLution kit—free and downloadable—in your Virtual Office contains everything you need to replicate the success of Renita and the other RVL Coaches, including a customizable press release for use in pitching the RVLution to media in your area.

Top Losers Eligible for Thousands of Dollars in Prizes
In addition to the benefits of losing weight and feeling better, participants in the RVLution can also participate and become eligible to win thousands of dollars in prizes, says MacDonald. 

To become eligible to win prizes, participants must: (1) Register at and create their own customized profile; (2) Submit a “before” photo; (3) Track their success by filling out regular progress reports;  (4) Submit “after” photo at the end of 90 days, and report final weight loss.

Ready…Set…GO…The RVLution begins NOW! 

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