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Jan 11, 2012

Cruise for Gold Qualifier—Colleen King

Congratulations to Colleen King from Hampstead, New Hampshire, on qualifying for the Cruise for Gold trip! Here's what she had to say about qualifying for the cruise…

"When I heard about the Cruise for Gold promotion, I knew that I wanted to qualify and that I needed to do more than just write my goal down and post it on my fridge. So Labor Day weekend, I called Bob Robinson and my soon-to-be Black Diamond Robert Callaway and told them my intentions. Their advice echoed in my head every day: 'Whatever you're doing, do a little bit more' and 'Teamwork makes the dream work.' Now the pressure was really on because I wasn't going back on my word!

"Having worked for AT&T/Lucent Technologies for 24 years, I knew what pressure was and that with corporate America, you always had to watch your back! What I didn't know was how much my life was going to change when my friend, Carmine, invited my husband, TK, and I to a tasting party three years ago! At the time, I was the Code Enforcement Officer for our small New Hampshire town of 8,900 residents. No way was I doing juice; I do Land Use! My husband turned to me and said, 'We should do this because you can talk to anybody.' I am so grateful that TK fully supports me in sharing this opportunity!

"With four months to qualify, how would I get this done? I had been reading, listening, and participating, and it was time to put the pedal to the metal and really focus. Remembering what Robert said about teamwork, I locked arms with two brand new distributors, Leesa and Bob Goudreaultin, in September and made a plan. We made new lists and lots of phone calls.

"With India opening in November, we zeroed in on business owners who would have contacts in India. Another nugget of wisdom I learned by participating is 'Build your business at home to look like the world.' We also changed our attitude about getting the dreaded 'no.' Our new strategy was to get at least 20 'no' answers a week and we would surely talk to someone who could see this amazing opportunity. I also asked God for help every day to have my words be favorably received by the people I spoke to. I knew I needed His divine intervention!

"We did have our share of obstacles to overcome, and I am so thankful that we had the support and encouragement of our wonderful upline and dear friends, Robert Callaway and Jim and Karen Kane to talk to and counsel with through it all. I was really counting on several people who had huge potential, and after many weeks they said 'no.' Then, in early fall, a spot appeared on the tip of my nose and wouldn't go away. I was scheduled for surgery in December and would be cut the length of my nose up to myforehead. We had a real sense of urgency. I needed to talk to this particular Indian businessman as soon as possible. From November 4 to Thanksgiving week, I went back five times; but, we kept missing each other. Then, Bob's dad passed away very suddenly Thanksgiving week. We were physically and emotionally drained, but we kept going.

"I finally got to see my Indian businessman mid-December. By this time, I had two big black eyes, bruises to my chin, and bandages. The spot had grown to the size of a dime—not a pretty sight! I decided that I just wouldn't look in a mirror and acted as if I were the picture of health. In the last two weeks of the qualification period, we signed up 14 new distributors, including an orthopedic surgeon, five people from India, and one from Brazil! Our last person signed up on December 23, with Leesa and Bob also hitting Bronze Executive level! And, I still had all my Christmas shopping to do!

"My advice to others in sharing MonaVie is to realize that this is not about you or how you look. Focus on the buried dreams and what is tugging at the hearts of those people you talk to. Ask them why they love what they are doing now, and they will tell you everything they don't like about it and all the headaches. Then, you have their 'why!' A huge thank you goes out to Jim and Karen Kane, who were a daily sounding board for me during these up-and-down times. They kept reminding me that breakthroughs happen when things are the toughest and to keep pushing forward. Our whole team is feeling the momentum and a huge surge of energy, and there will definitely be more qualifiers on the next Cruise for Gold!

"Thank you, MonaVie, for the opportunity to soak up the training, wisdom, and goodness of everyone on the cruise, along with some SPF 80 sunscreen! I am Colleen King, and I am MonaVie for life!"

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