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Jan 10, 2012

Cruise for Gold Qualifiers—Murray and Sylvia Galbraith

Congratulations to Murray and Sylvia Galbraith from Temecula, California, on qualifying for the Cruise for Gold trip! Here's what they had to say about qualifying for the cruise…

"Reaching Gold level was very rewarding, and we couldn't have done it without a great team. And, to follow it up with qualifying for the cruise was one of those moments where you quietly jump up, fist pump, and yell at the top of a whisper so you don't wake anyone up just after 11 o'clock Friday night! It means that we can immerse ourselves in the MonaVie family for the whole time on the cruise with little else to do and build a greater belief of going to Diamond and beyond.

"We qualified by contacting people on our list consistently and moving on to the next one when it was obvious that the timing wasn't right for someone. We believe strongly that we have a solution and a vehicle when the time is right for them. Fitting MonaVie into the nooks and crannies of the day is something that anyone can do if they really want to. Having our upline Blue Diamond Byron Moles helping us continually through encouragement, finding solutions, and doing three-way calls made all the difference for us.

"We prayed to God for help that He would put the right people in front of us at the right time and place. We believed that if we were supposed to go on the cruise, the numbers would be there. Then, we just got more focused. Byron helped build the belief that we could get it done with very limited time left, so we kept the faith and pushed for it. Our goal is to put a minimum of five couples on the next cruise by focusing all our efforts in helping them build their teams to Gold and beyond."

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