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Jan 10, 2012

Cruise for Gold Qualifiers—MaryDawn and Sheldon Hatch

Congratulations to MaryDawn and Sheldon Hatch from Olivia, Minnesota, on qualifying for the Cruise for Gold trip! Here's what they had to say about qualifying for the cruise…

"Qualifying for the Cruise for Gold is such an exciting venture for my husband and me. I can't believe we really pulled it off! This is such a great opportunity to be around likeminded people and learn so much from other Cruise for Gold qualifiers as well as Jeff Graham.

"My friend from high school (and now sponsor) Leslie Faris was very excited about getting started with Monavie. She invited me to her house for a tasting party in Texas. I had heard of MonaVie in my small town in rural Minnesota because someone was selling it in a small coffee shop in the town where I live. My daughter Torrie, who is now a distributor, told me to buy a couple of bottles. She had heard it was really good for you. I did, and my whole family loved it. But when I went back for more, they were out. That was three years ago.

"One day last year, Leslie called and asked me, 'Do you know what Byron Moles does for a living?' Byron and I had gone to high school together as well, and we were now Facebook friends. Byron's status updates always sounded so fun with his travels and motivational updates. I told Leslie, 'I don't know what he is doing, but he certainly took the right path in life!' That is when Leslie told me about his success with MonaVie. So, I took Leslie up on her invite to Texas. I signed up as a distributor on October 16, 2011, and I have been on a whirlwind of fun ever since!

"I have never worked with such helpful and motivated people as Byron and Leslie. I am brand new to community commerce, and I was told by a fellow distributor that it takes a good, strong upline to have a good, strong downline. I believe that to be true! When I returned to Minnesota, I was no longer surrounded by the excitement that had been created in Texas. I was in a small town and needed to create my own excitement quickly because Byron had told me about the Cruise for Gold, and I was determined to be on it!

"I sat down and made two lists just as Todd Hartog had done. One was a list of people who I thought would be interested, and one was a list of people I was going to wave to from my Mercedes. I began listening to the conference calls and watched at least two Black Diamond documentaries a night. Byron, Leslie, and I text like crazy. I watched MonaVie University. I needed to learn as much as I could because I was alone here in the middle of small-town, rural Minnesota.

"I signed up four people in the first two weeks, and from there I told them that I would talk to anyone they wanted me too. All they had to do was set up the meeting place and time. I was offering a case of juice to anyone who had a tasting party. Leslie was offering to match the orders people made, and Byron would offer bottles/cases of juice depending on how much PV was purchased. This was an idea we had received from another couple who qualified for the cruise using techniques like these. It was crazy, fun, and it worked! I was having so much fun. Being a MonaVie distributor is the perfect job for me.

"My husband is now on board with me, and he sets me up with so many people to meet. Because he saw what MonaVie did for me, he started drinking it and feels so much better. I put a sign up in his shop that says 'ASK SHELDON WHY HE IS FEELING BETTER THAN HE HAS IN YEARS!' And, people do ask him constantly.

"I cannot wait to escape from the Minnesota winter and head to the Bahamas with my husband and all the others who share the MonaVie difference. My goal now is to help my downline get to Maui in September! Let's do it! I want to give special thanks to Byron, Leslie, and Shannon Rothmeier. They are a wonderful support system who contact me nearly every day to keep the excitement going strong. Every person who I have shared MonaVie with has his or her own wonderful story about how their lives have improved. I am passionate about MonaVie and love sharing the MORE Project. We are proud to say that we are MonaVie!"

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