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Dec 14, 2011

A More Meaningful Life: Jodi van den Hoogenhoff Honors Family's Memory through Healthy Living

"Life is an experience. We only have one shot at it, and anything is possible."

These are the words of MonaVie distributor Jodi van den Hoogenhoff. If anyone understands the precious value of fleeting life, it's Jodi. Nearly two decades ago, she lost her sister (and best friend) to breast cancer a mere 15 months following her diagnosis. Ten years later, breast cancer claimed her mother's life as well. In August 2011, her father passed away after a bout with throat cancer; and, three weeks later, another of Jodi's sisters succumbed to her battle with diabetes. Four weeks after laying her sister to rest, Jodi's last remaining sister was diagnosed with fourth-stage ovarian and stomach cancer.

When her first sister died at the young age of 32, Jodi decided to make a change in her life. Passionate about being active and healthy since she was a young girl, Jodi grew up playing basketball, softball, running track, and cheerleading. In high school, she would have to abandon her active lifestyle for the workforce. She held several jobs working at fast food restaurants while going to school, which gave her little or no time to continue her passion of staying physically fit. When she was 19 years old, she had her first child and became a stay-at-home mom.

"I found myself living life like most people do—having no energy, gaining weight, and just not feeling good," Jodi says.

When the time was right, Jodi went back to work. A friend suggested that she work at an all-women's health club, and it was there that Jodi regained her enthusiasm for fitness.

"I ended up managing those clubs for many years," she says. "I changed my eating habits and lifestyle and never looked back. I started working out five to six days a week, stopped eating red meat, and ate a lot of greens."

As her love for the gym grew, so did her knowledge of living healthily. She became moved to start making a difference in the lives of women as well.

"My determination to not get sick has allowed me to find solutions to fight those issues for me and others," Jodi says. "I want to help others reach their goals and educate them on how to make healthy changes. My goal is to inspire people to improve through nutrition and exercise."

Her motivation, commitment, and belief have driven her to where she is today, which is a physical specimen to behold by any standard. Even at her current physique, Jodi remains on the lookout for ways to bring even greater nutrition into her life. Enter MonaVie RVL.

MonaVie RVL had been in Jodi's pantry for months before she decided to give it a try. Her husband had been enjoying the products, but Jodi was reluctant since she had never incorporated a meal replacement or dietary supplements into her regimen. She figured that her protein shakes, daily exercise, and healthy eating habits were getting the job done well enough. That view would soon change.

"When I saw the incredible weight loss my friend experienced with RVL, my eyes were wide open," Jodi says. "I wanted to lose an extra five pounds in my waist and hips. Being a woman in my 40s, it seemed a bit more difficult to lose that last bit of weight. I decided to try RVL, and every bit of excess lumps, bumps, and fat in my waist area was completely gone. I never changed my exercise routine; the results were strictly from RVL!"

Jodi says now she is in love with the product and consumes the shakes, dietary supplements, and snack bars every day. The excitement it's brought to her business is an added bonus, as she believes MonaVie RVL will help build her organization while blessing the lives of those who use the product. As for her own life, Jodi says the journey to here has taught her so much and has brought about an enormous amount of personal growth.

"The spiritual and emotional journey I have experienced has been incredible," Jodi says. "I've realized that doubting yourself and having no confidence can be gone forever through commitment and belief, and I will not waste another minute doubting myself. I will continue to live my life doing what I am so passionate about."

After all, life is an experience that we only have one shot at.

Jodi's MonaVie RVL Routine
Jodi says she feels leaner, tighter, and healthier on MonaVie RVL. She loves that it's quick and easy and that she doesn't have to worry about what healthy lunch she'll have on a given day; but, most importantly, it keeps her satisfied and gets results. And, that's why she'll continue sharing it with others. In addition to drinking at least one gallon of water a day, here's what Jodi's daily routine looks like:

7 a.m.
4 ounces of MonaVie (M)mūn
Bowl of granola cereal with a scoop of protein, mixed with water

8:30 a.m.
30 minutes of cardio at the gym
1–1½ hours of weight training
10 minutes of abs

11 a.m.
RVL Snack Bar
2 RVL Dietary Supplements

1:30 p.m.
RVL Shake
30 minutes of cardio at home

4 p.m.
RVL Snack Bar
2 RVL Dietary Supplements

5:30 p.m.
Bowl of steamed asparagus
Small handful of raw almonds

7 p.m.
5-ounce chicken breast
Handful of steamed asparagus

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