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Dec 5, 2011

New Gold Executives—Leslie and David Faris

Congratulations to Leslie and David Faris from Keller, Texas, on achieving the rank of Gold Executive. Here's what they had to say on reaching this impressive milestone…

"What an amazing opportunity we have been given by MonaVie! Not only are we thrilled to have time to be together on a cruise, we are also very excited to get the opportunity to learn from the best leaders. We also cannot wait to be surrounded by like-minded people who see the vision of becoming healthy and financially free through MonaVie. What a true blessing and amazing gift! Thank you, MonaVie, for allowing us this opportunity!

"Believe it or not, October 15, 2011, was our first tasting party. That week ignited a fire under us that had long been burned out. With a lot of effort, passion, drive, and love for the product, we made it to Gold Executive. With a little effort and determination, you too can do this!

"We have heard over and over how busy everyone is, and believe us when we say we are no stranger to busy. David is a pilot whose job takes him away from home 3–4 days per week. I am a psychologist with a full-time practice. We have three young boys going in three different directions, 100 miles per hour. We know busy! It seems to us that if 'busy' is the excuse, then it is the perfect reason to become a distributor! With financial freedom comes time. We all want to have more quality time with those we love. Don't let 'I'm too busy' be your excuse; make it your reason!

"We look forward to pressing ahead to the next goal, and we want to take those we care about and love with us. We have amazing upline support, and we have to say Byron Moles is absolutely incredible! He is so very inspirational, motivational, and supportive. He really is the reason we are in this spot. Tom Faris is also just plain great! He gave us that push to get started, even after listening to every excuse I could throw at him. We have been blessed with amazing people on our team, upline and downline, and we are committed to helping everyone succeed!

"It is also fun to have friends to do this with. Marydawn Hatch (soon to be Gold) and I went to high school together many years ago and are now working together daily to grow our team. We share our joys, victories, and struggles on a daily basis; and, at the end of the day, we laugh together and keep each other motivated. Every morning we wake up and ask each other, 'Whose life are you going to help change for the better today?' Having great friends to share this journey with makes it all worthwhile.

"We are so very excited about this amazing product, sharing it with others, and watching their lives improve. What a tremendous gift!"

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