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Dec 2, 2011

Cruise for Gold Qualifiers—Ken and Adelaide Murdoch

Congratulations to Ken and Adelaide Murdoch from High Prairie, Alberta, Canada, on qualifying for the Cruise for Gold trip. Here's what they had to say about qualifying for the cruise…

"After hearing and reading about the Cruise for Gold and realizing that is was very much within our grasp, we set our sails for success—as Jeff Graham suggested—and began to formulate an action plan to get us on the Monarch of the Seas. We were determined to go cruising. We really wanted the time on the sea and are hungry for the information and teaching that will certainly launch us into a new era of community commerce!

"We went back through our tree looking for a place to ignite or reignite our MonaVie business. We made a few phone calls, made a new list of future entrepreneurs, and began contacting them. The response was fabulous. We think it was our excitement and determination along with our belief in the company and products that helped us qualify.

"Ken started full tilt with the MonaVie RVL program on September 23, 2011—one day before his 68th birthday. He has enjoyed unbelievable results. New notches on the belt and wearing t-shirts that didn't fit before are enough proof for him to keep going on the weight management program.

"We have been on a daily intake of MonaVie juice blends since we were introduced to them by our sponsors Mark and Tami Crawford. Being part of Mark and Tami's group means there is no lack of leadership and allows for all team members to access their great leadership. We have to thank them, along with many others that have helped us along the way.

"We have been loyal to the products and learned as much as possible about them to allow us to present the opportunity. Our quality of life is awesome, and it is due to the products and the business. We love the company, the products, the opportunity, the direction, the future, and the example set by the leadership. When we show the A More Meaningful Life video to our prospects, they really believe it. This is important to us, as trust is a necessity.

"We know other seniors have qualified for the Cruise for Gold, and we can't wait to meet them. It makes us wonder what ‘retire' means. Whatever it means, it is not for us because we are Ken and Allie Murdoch, and we are MonaVie for life!"

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