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Nov 14, 2011

Cruise for Gold Qualifiers—Jason and Kara Lehr

Congratulations to Jason and Kara Lehr from De Winton, Alberta, Canada, on qualifying for the Cruise for Gold trip! Here's what they had to say about qualifying for the cruise…

"We are excited about recently going Gold. It seemed easier than we thought it would be once we were committed. The products made such a difference in our own lives, and it's easy for others to notice the changes and feed off of it.

"Jason and I are no strangers to patience and hard work. We both grew up in families that taught us hard work and patience are the foundation for success. This has proven true on so many levels in our life together. Knowing that there are trials of earning a happy life only adds to the greatness of achieving your goals. For without faith and hard work, nothing we achieve could ever feel so great.

"At the 'I Am MonaVie' Tour meeting in Edmonton, I was impressed with Henry Marsh's presentation on passion and mediocrity. I realized then how much of my life has been compromised by just settling. Somewhere among all my failed attempts at entrepreneurship I lost my drive to succeed in anything. I settled for mediocrity, and I wasn't very happy about that.

"Jason discovered MonaVie while our three children and I were defrosting in Los Angeles visiting with my family. He called me one day and told me that he started drinking this juice called MonaVie Active to help with his knee. By the time I came home, his knee was nearly 100 percent, he had lost nearly 20 pounds on MonaVie RVL, and he was selling cases of MonaVie Active and MonaVie (M)mūn to his friends and patients. Within six weeks, we made it to Bronze. A few weeks after that, we were Gold Executives and are going on an all-expense-paid cruise to the Bahamas!

"The best part of this quick but powerful journey is how we have finally found something that we both are truly passionate about. This is something that our entire family can be involved in. My daughters are in competitive soccer and they provide ample opportunities to help the young and growing athlete population with their aches and pains. Parents of athletes are always looking for ways to help their kids be the best they can be. Between EMV drinks before games, RVL for breakfast, and Active and (M)mūn to keep them healthy, we've found a great market that really helps our friends and aids in our goal to be financially independent.

"We absolutely love the MonaVie methodology and the products. We've never met anyone who couldn't benefit from at least one of MonaVie's products. It sells itself. We are merely a vehicle for the introduction. So, in addition to promoting our favorite clothing stores, hair salons, and restaurants—with no compensation from those businesses—we simply choose to share our MonaVie experience with our friends.

"We encourage all to share the opportunity with everyone. Sometimes it takes time for others to rethink the opportunity and warm up to the invitation. I've had friends who originally weren't interested in getting involved come back to me later once they had time to think about it.

"Follow the advice of those that have gone before you. Sometimes simpler is better. The products really do sell themselves. Just be there, and be the one to give the opportunity to others. With all the recognition MonaVie is getting with their products and incentives for distributors, people are going to want to know more. Why not let it be you who shares that with them?"

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