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Nov 14, 2011

Cruise for Gold Qualifiers—Pat and Alan Carron

Congratulations to Pat and Alan Carron from Tryon, North Carolina, on qualifying for the Cruise for Gold trip! Here's what they had to say about qualifying for the cruise…

"When we heard MonaVie was offering a free cruise, we looked at our teammates to see who we could help reach that goal for we learned early on that when you are helping someone else, you are actually helping yourself!

"We know it was a 'God-thing,' the way we were introduced to our wonderful MonaVie products back in January 2008. When Pat was invited to a tasting party, she decided to go after she was assured it wasn't a wine-tasting party but that it was a product derived from rare and nutritious fruits and was very beneficial to our health. For all her three score and 10 years (and more), Pat's been a vegetarian and has never even tasted meat of any kind. She was taught from her childhood that natural is usually the best way to go. So, she went to that first tasting, heard several amazing personal testimonies, and the rest is history!

"Our lives have both been totally transformed! We feel like we're 50 again! Are we excited about MonaVie? You betcha we are! We drink Pulse, (M)mūn, and Active every day and would hate to ever be without them. Plus, we both drink RVL shakes almost every day. Pat has lost over 25 pounds on the MonaVie RVL program. The fun part is we both still look forward to those delicious shakes!

"We teamed up with our upline Golds Claudia and Stan Simpson when we first engaged in the business. Wherever they were doing a tasting, we were there with our new distributors and friends. When we learned they were about to reach Ruby in the summer of 2008, we ran with them. And, when they skipped right over Ruby and ended up as Emeralds, we found ourselves as new Golds!

"A year later when we found out on a Saturday night that they had hit Diamond for the first time, we called and asked how many times they needed to hit that level to be a qualified Diamond. Their answer was two more times, and we said, 'Don't worry about your points because Pat's gonna get on the phone and call everyone she knows to help you with that.' Claudia called on Thursday night of their second qualifying week and said, 'You know what? If we hit Diamond again this week, we are pretty sure you two will hit Ruby!' And that, we all did!

"Praise be to God who gives to His children abundantly, more than we could ever hope or ask for! We've had some ups and downs along the way, as we've personally sponsored over 160 distributors and several preferred customers. We feel that we are offering folks a blessing when we take our precious time to share MonaVie with them, so we use the three-foot rule: if someone gets within three feet of Pat, she can usually figure out some way to get acquainted and get their email and phone number so she can call them later to invite them to a tasting party, a one-on-one, or just share the good news about MonaVie over the phone.

"We tell our teammates not to worry about getting a 'no,' as it may just mean they got up on the wrong side of the bed, had a bad hair day, or the timing just isn't right. Always try to leave the door open by asking their permission to check back with them a little later to let them know how it's going for you. I also like what Bo Van Pelt shared with us at a Charlotte meeting a while back. He tells people that he realizes it may or may not be for them but would like for them to just come to one tasting party so they can make an educated decision. That kind of puts them at ease when they hear him say he knows it might or might not be for them. Thanks, Bo! That little nugget has helped us a bunch!

"One of our Golds, Marilee and Don Matz, also took up the Cruise for Gold challenge with us, and we all qualified together. We are hoping that several more of our teammates will be able to make it too, as we have pledged to do all we can to help them. It's always achieved by team effort, not by picking yourself up by your own bootstraps. We are looking forward to meeting other Cruise for Golders, getting better acquainted with our awesome corporate team, and receiving the training on how we can 'get-er-done,' as one of our favorites, Matt Curtis, so often says!"

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