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Oct 31, 2011

Cruise for Gold Qualifiers—Kevin and Tara Fatland

Congratulations to Kevin and Tara Fatland from Frankfort, Illinois, on qualifying for the Cruise for Gold trip! Here's what they had to say about qualifying for the cruise…

"For us, this is a long-deserved vacation where we can leave the kids behind with the grandparents. We are looking forward to having fun and fulfillment in the sun while our house is under snow.

"Momentum is a feeling, and it's your job to keep feeling it. Feel good now, and let people have their own opinions. Speaking of feelings, you are more likely to act yourself into feeling than to feel yourself into action. If you don't 'feel like' calling a neighbor, call one. Then, you'll feel like it.

"When we contact people, we talk about their dreams and wants. Then, we focus and support those we've sponsored. Minimize the talking, and maximize the actions."

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