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Oct 17, 2011

Cruise for Gold Qualifiers—Mandy and William Waldron

Congratulations to Mandy and William Waldron from Hobbs, New Mexico, on qualifying for the Cruise for Gold trip. Here's what they had to say about qualifying for the cruise...

"My husband William and I are so very excited about qualifying for the Cruise for Gold trip! The minute the promotion was announced, I knew that somehow, someway, I was going to qualify for it.

"In June, 2011, I was still Star 1000 and had been for nine months. I had become very focused on building my business. I wanted to enjoy financial and personal freedom that I knew MonaVie could provide if I worked hard enough. My Upline, Dana and Chris Tinley, also had come to the same revelation, and we began having Tasting Parties four to six times a week. We were also helping people we had signed as distributors see the bigger picture and build their businesses.

"In July I went Bronze, in August I went Silver, and then, on September 2, 2011, I met Gold qualification. We continue to hold Tasting Parties in Hobbs and in different towns all over southern New Mexico and West Texas. We have a weekly conference call with our team to encourage and promote upcoming Tasting Parties. We talk to people every day about the MonaVie products and business opportunity. We stepped up the intensity and never quit. We persevered even in the valley, and now we are climbing the mountain. The Tinleys and I are helping our downline in any way they need or desire to help them achieve Gold and be on that cruise with us.

"Anybody that wants to be on that cruise in January 2012, should talk to everybody they see about MonaVie. Have Tasting Parties every day that you can. Work with your downline to help them see the bigger picture. Don't quit! It is attainable if you want it bad enough. But it isn't about just wanting it; you have to put action to the desire to achieve the dream."

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