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Jan 13, 2012

Sneak Peek of the "City and Home RVLution Kit" (coming next week!)

During the past couple weeks, Mini RVLution meetings were held in cities across the United States and Canada in preparation for the official launch of the MonaVie 90-Day RVLution. Event "report cards" from these mini RVLution meetings showed average attendance to be more than 100 participants, with 60% being new or first-time attendees. If you're wondering how you might go about holding a Mini RVLution meeting of your own, look no further. The following is a preview of the City and Home RVLution Kit, which contains a complete set of print materials and videos to prepare you for holding your very own RVLution event. Here's what you'll get…

RVLution Brochure The RVLution brochure contains the nuts and bolts information you need to spread the word about the MonaVie 90-Day RVLution to your friends, family, and community. This two-page brochure tells how to sign up, overviews Mark Macdonald and the Body Confidence program, features success stories and more.
RVL Feature by Mark Macdonald NY Times bestselling author and RVL spokesperson Mark Macdonald details the Body Confidence program and the secret to stabilizing your blood sugar with MonaVie RVL, proper diet and exercise.
MonaVie RVL Product Overview RVL products are designed to stabilize your blood sugar, but they do more than just that. The RVL line has a perfect blend of macro-, micro- and phytonutrients to optimize your cellular health. Delivering more nutrition per calorie than leading brands, this advanced system gets to the root of weight management: healthy nutrition. This product information page shows you the importance of MonaVie RVL products to the Body Confidence program and in helping you achieve your health-related goals.
RVLution Meeting Invite Use this fillable PDF to customize your own RVLution event invitations.
MonaVie 90-Day RVLution Presentation Use this presentation at your meetings to teach your RVLutionaries about the three phases of the RVLution (Weight Loss, Breakthrough, Lifestyle), why dieting fails, three factors for blood sugar stabilization, and more.
RVLution Event Guidelines This handy reference sheet takes the worry out of conducting a RVLution meeting by outlining what you need to do to make your event successful, including the tools you will need to have on hand (e.g., product for sampling, scale, tape measure).
RVLution Contract "A goal is a dream written down." This contract not only represents your commitment to a new, healthier you, but also sets forth worthwhile goals to help you on your journey to a More Meaningful Life with the MonaVie RVLution.
RVLution Tracking Sheet Track your progress with the RVLution Tracking Sheet, which will help you keep tabs on your weight, body fat percentage, body measurements and more.
MonaVie 90-Day RVLution Booklet This 50-page booklet details everything you need to know about the Body Confidence program, MonaVie RVL, and how the two work together for your success with your health-related goals.
RVLution Game Show Video The Price Is Right has nothing on the MonaVie RVLution Game Show! This fun, informative, and interactive video is the perfect complement to any meeting where the RVLution is central. Not only will participants learn about the RVLution, but they will also have the opportunity to win an exclusive MonaVie RVLution pedometer by participating in the game show through the MonaVie Facebook page (
RVLution Introductory Video with Mark Macdonald RVL spokesperson and NY Times bestselling author Mark Macdonald outlines how you can feel and look your best with the MonaVie RVLution. This introductory video to the RVLution covers the plan (Body Confidence program), the product (MonaVie RVL), and the support (community of RVLutionaries). In addition, he sets the stage for you to begin your journey through the three phases of the RVLution—Weight Loss, Breakthrough and Lifestyle.
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