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Dec 28, 2011

In Loving Memory of Ms. Ruth, Beloved MonaVie Distributor

On Christmas Day, MonaVie lost a dear distributor, Ms. Ruth from Addison, Michigan. At 99 years of age, Ms. Ruth was perhaps one of the most elderly MonaVie distributors in the world. But, age did not keep her from living and enjoying life to its fullest potential. The MonaVie Executive Team and corporate staff expresses our gratitude to Ms. Ruth for being a vibrant example of what it means to live A More Meaningful Life. We also offer our sincere condolences to her family and friends.

Below is a warm tribute from Gold Executive Ann Morton on what Ms. Ruth meant to her and to MonaVie…

"Ms. Ruth enrolled in MonaVie in January 2010 and immediately received great results with MonaVie Pulse. She joined her daughter for a conference in Atlanta, Georgia, that March. While at that conference, she fell in love with the people and company and immediately registered for another MonaVie event scheduled for the following August. She said then that she was going to build this business.

"At that meeting, we celebrated her 98th birthday on August 20, 2010. She immediately became an inspiration to many MonaVie distributors. People would stop us constantly to get a picture with her. She out-walked many, and I remember having to force her to stop and rest for some of the long walks from the room to the convention center.

"She lived in Addison, Michigan, (population 500) but came to Greenville, South Carolina, five months out of the year to stay warm and be with her daughter. Ms. Ruth reached the rank of Star 1,000 in a very small town, while living alone, with no computer, and without driving; she loved people and believed in the product! She was passionate about MonaVie and loved Dallin and Brig.

"She will surely be missed by our team, and I will miss her tremendously for the great zest for life she always brought when she entered any room."

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