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Dec 12, 2011

Cruise for Gold Qualifiers—Shannon and Whitney Kwok

Congratulations to Shannon and Whitney Kwok from Yorba Linda, California, on qualifying for the Cruise for Gold trip! Here's what they had to say about qualifying for the cruise…

"We were approached by our friends Jan and Raelene Hayball (Emerald Executives). We had some prior experience with networking, but we were looking for a better fit for our lifestyle and financial goals. We were also looking for an opportunity that would benefit those that were close to us. Once we tried the product and went to a corporate event, we were hooked!

"The products are in a class by themselves. And, the opportunity keeps getting better (i.e., RVL, 1, 2 Free!, MonaVie Perks, MVP). Since we've been in MonaVie, we've been approached by many leaders from other companies. Some claimed to have a better product. Some claimed to have better compensation. Some claimed to have a better leadership team. And, some claimed to have better timing for what they were marketing. None had a cause, and none had all five!

"We've both worked for the government (Whitney as a police officer and Shannon as a public school teacher). Whitney has also been successful in corporate America. However, none of these career paths have brought our family together to share common goals. And, none of these career paths have surrounded us with the quality of people this business has. Our children enjoy the products, and they are our best cheerleaders! They are intent on going to Hawaii in 2012!

"It's nice to have our hard work, consistency, and sacrifice pay off. Having our kids watch mom and dad work together is very important to us. Most kids watch their parents live half their lives in different worlds. It's also shown our kids that this business has rewards and recognition.

"We are always focused on leading, not managing, our organization. This means sharing the product and opportunity more often and more consistently than anyone else in our group. We were taught not to worry what our group is or isn't doing, but to worry about what we're doing. To us, this means a lot of activity, growing personally, and having fun!

"The biggest blessing of Cruise for Gold is that it forced us to be results oriented. We have always had a great work ethic, but being busy and being productive are two different things. We began paying more attention to who we needed to help and what activities produce results. We also focused on the bottom of our personal enrollment tree, and results came quickly!

"Nothing is impossible. When you have a goal that you really want to hit, things become clearer and your mind begins to work in ways it normally wouldn't. In our opinion, the following are the three biggest mistakes people make who don't qualify for a promotional trip make: 1. They don't proactively write down their goal. 2. They don't allow themselves to be accountable to an upline. 3. They don't develop a consistent work ethic to run after it.

"Leadership can be lonely. Ask anyone sharing MonaVie on a consistent basis. Sometimes you end up asking yourself, 'Doesn't anyone else share Dallin's vision to go to $20 billion?' We have a chance to rub shoulders with other like-minded leaders. If it's true that you are who you hang around with, we're anxious to spend a week on a cruise with a bunch of winners!"

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