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Dec 5, 2011

Update: Top Two California State Champion Gymnasts Excel with MonaVie

Last month, we learned about Averi Doktorczyk's gymnastics dreams. We are very pleased to report that Averi finished second all around with a new personal-best score of 38.325 at the 2011 California State Championships, in San Diego, November 19–20.

"God has no doubt blessed Averi with talent," Averi's mother, Jolene Doktorczyk says, "But more importantly, he has blessed her with work ethic, perseverance and a joy in recognizing excellence in others. It is with tremendous pride and honor that our family says, 'We are MonaVie!'"

We're also thrilled to announce that joining Averi on the winner's podium was No. 1 Overall Champion Margaret Kwok, whose parents are Ruby Executives Shannon and Whitney Kwok. Margaret, who trains at Kips Gymnastics in Anaheim Hills, California, earned the highest score out of a total of 804 competitors. Her parents attribute much of Margaret's performance, strength, and focus to her nutrition program, which includes MonaVie (M)mūn and MonaVie RVL.

"Margaret's success has come from sacrifices that very few nine year olds—or individuals, for that matter—are willing to make," Whitney said. "She truly has the heart of a champion."

Congratulations, Averi and Margaret!

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