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Nov 7, 2011

New Gold Executive—Nancy Zeller

Congratulations to Nancy Zeller from Hobbs, New Mexico, on achieving the rank of Gold Executive. Here's what she had to say on reaching this impressive milestone…

"In July 2010, my upline Dana Tinley introduced me to MonaVie and I knew I had to try it. After drinking MonaVie Active for about three months, I noticed improved joint mobility in my shoulder and was able to start lifting weights again.

"My success in MonaVie didn't come right away. I wanted to share with others what it had done for me, but I was having trouble getting people to come to the tasters. I didn't show the confidence in myself to convince anybody that MonaVie is an amazing nutritional health beverage and that it is a great way to make some extra money.

"In June 2011, I attended a MonaVie event in Dallas. There, God really opened my eyes and my heart to believe that I could be successful if I just focus on one-on-ones. I gained so much confidence in myself, the juice, and the company that I became involved in the program at a steady pace.

"By branding myself and staying close to the fire that Chris and Dana Tinley instill in our team, I began to see success instantly. People that I've known for years have noticed a change in me. As nervous as it makes me, I love to give testimonies about God to anyone that will listen about what he has done for my health and confidence through MonaVie. My family has rallied around me too and is now involved in MonaVie by either drinking or doing the business because of my continued success.

"One thing that our group in West Texas and New Mexico is so good about that helped me achieve Gold is that we are constantly firing each other up. You can't be very successful if you don't follow the advice of your upline and make sure you use that advice to teach your downline. One CD we all encourage each other to listen to is Brig Hart's Distributor Orientation. Listening to it over and over helps you hear something you didn't catch the first time and allows you to grow as a distributor. Writing down my goals was another great tool I used to help me see the big picture.

"I can't thank the Tinleys enough for believing in me and our team and encouraging us to be blessings to others. I am so excited about achieving Gold and about becoming the person MonaVie has helped me become. The sky is the limit with MonaVie, and I can't wait to achieve my new goals. Everyone deserves this opportunity, and that is why I am all in. I am Nancy Zeller, and I am MonaVie!"

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