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Aug 8, 2009

Register Today for Vancouver Canada Regional Meeting

After successful launches of MonaVie Pulse and MonaVie EMV in Canada this summer, MonaVie is looking to keep the excitement rolling in the Maple Leaf country with a Vancouver Canada Regional Meeting on Saturday, August, 29, 2009, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

Click here to register online.

Founder, Chairman, and CEO Dallin A. Larsen will be joined by Jeff Graham, vice president of product management, and many other top field leaders to share insights on how to best use and promote the new products.

Admission to the meeting is $25 CND.* MonaVie's regional events are always full of big announcements, giveaways, and valuable networking opportunities.

Event Location
Hyatt Regency Vancouver
655 Burrard Street
Vancouver, BC
Canada V6C 2R7
Hotel Information: +1 604 639 4746

* Please note that on your credit card statement the charge will appear in USD and the total amount charged will depend on the currency rate at the time of purchase.

Aug 8, 2009

Stay Active at 200 PV with New MonaVie Combos!*

MonaVie is pleased to introduce three brand new product offerings to help you stay active at 200 PV!

Our new MonaVie Combos represent the most volume-efficient ways to add MonaVie EMV to your AutoShip. Bought separately, you would earn a total of 180 PV on these items; however, when you purchase any of the new MonaVie Combos, you'll receive 200 PV.

Item No. Item Wholesale PV
1115050101 1 case Active, 2 bottles Original,
1 case EMV
US$258 200
1115070101 2 bottles Original, 2 bottles Active
2 bottles Pulse, 1 case EMV
US$258.50 200
1115090101 1 case Active, 2 bottles Pulse,
1 case EMV
US$263.50 200

Enjoy a selection of MonaVie products, including MonaVie EMV, and earn extra personal volume. Access your Virtual Office and order the new MonaVie Combos today!

* Offer available in the U.S.

Aug 8, 2009

Message from the CEO: Inc. Magazine and MonaVie

"If you want to know which companies are going to change the world, look at the Inc. 500. These are the most dynamic, fast-growth companies in the nation, the ones finding innovative solutions to problems, creating smart systems, and inventing products we soon discover we can't live without."
—Jane Berentson, Editor, Inc. Magazine

Dear MonaVie,

With the current national recognition from Inc. 500/5000, I don't believe there has ever been a direct selling company in this industry's 100-year history who has had better exposure, and whose distributors have been given a greater opportunity to expand their businesses than what we've just received through this Inc 500 ranking. We are a company that is changing the world, one bottle and one relationship at a time, and we're just getting started!

After only four short years, to be recognized as No. 1 in our category of Food & Beverage, No. 3 in total revenue during 2008, and No. 18 overall is huge news for MonaVie and for you. Just think, with the hundreds of thousands of companies that have been launched since 2005, only two companies—an electronics company and a real estate company—generated more revenue than MonaVie in 2008. Now that's EXCEPTIONAL! And we credit you—the greatest distributors in the history of direct selling—for this company's success. Thank you for being exceptional in the way you conduct your MonaVie business.

To give you a glimpse into the impact of the Inc. 500/5000, many of the most significant and successful brands in American business history have made their debut on the Inc. 500/5000 list. When Microsoft first hit the list in 1984, they placed at No. 80. In 2008, they created $60 billion in revenue. Gap stores debuted on the list in 1996 with a ranking of 469. Today, what began as one retail store in urban San Francisco sets the standard for relaxed, American-style clothing throughout the world.

My best advice to you is to get the word out to everyone you know about our Inc. 500 ranking. Send people to so they can see more clearly why they should join with us as we continue from success to significance.

The September issue of Inc. magazine is now available on newsstands and in bookstores. We'll also be creating a custom reprint edition of the piece (which includes the Inc. magazine cover; the article on MonaVie; our official ranking; and a personal letter from me, inviting your prospects to join us on this amazing journey) for you to use in building your business. Stay tuned to the website for more details on availability.

This is Dallin Larsen—founder, chairman and CEO of MonaVie—and I want you to know that I'm all in! Are you all in? I believe that MonaVie is destined to become a $20 billion company in the next 20 years. I believe that MonaVie's commitment to preserving the rainforest has—and will continue to have—a profound effect upon the environment for generations to come. I believe that reaching out to the children and families of Brazil, through our MORE Project, will change and save lives. I believe that MonaVie is a company for our time, a company for all time, and a company that can—and will—change the world. Thank you for joining and, more importantly, growing with us on this wonderful journey!

From Success to Significance,

Dallin A. Larsen
Founder, Chairman, and CEO

Aug 8, 2009

World News: MonaVie Hits Inc. Magazine Top 500 List

MonaVie's recent placement on Inc. magazine's 28th annual Inc. 500 ranking of the fastest-growing private companies in the United States has made global headlines, including Business Wire, EuroInvestor, Wall Street Select, CNN Radio, and The Dallas Morning News.

Get online today to see who's talking about MonaVie—one of the fastest-growing private companies in the United States!

View MonaVie's Inc. 500 ranking media coverage.

Aug 8, 2009

Vancouver Regional: Registration and Webcast

With tickets going fast, MonaVie has set up an overflow section for our Vancouver Regional Meeting on Saturday, August 29, 2009, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. (PDT).

Click here to reserve your spot at the event, where you can interact with distributor leaders and MonaVie's Executive Team.

MonaVie's regional events promise to provide you with insightful instructions to help you improve your business. As always, Dallin A. Larsen, founder, chairman, and CEO, will lead the event, and Jeff Graham, vice president of product management, will provide an exciting update on MonaVie products.

Free Webcast on MonaVie Media Center
If you are not able to attend the event, join thousands of others in watching the Vancouver Regional live through a free webcast.

The webcast begins at 9 a.m. (PDT) and will be available in six languages:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Polish
  • Japanese
  • Hebrew
  • Be sure to visit the MonaVie Media Center on August 29, and click on the webcast link to watch the live action.

    If you happen to miss all or part of the event, you may watch the rebroadcast beginning Monday, August 31 (MDT-USA).

    Aug 8, 2009

    MonaVie-Cannondale's Alex Grant Battles Lance Armstrong at Leadville 100

    [Leadville, Colo.] – August 16, 2009 – MonaVie-Cannondale bicyclist Alex Grant finished fourth place among 1,500 riders at the Leadville 100 Mountain Bike race in Leadville, Colorado, on August 16, 2009. Grant clocked in at just over seven hours—less than 45 minutes behind overall leader and 7-time winner of the Tour de France Lance Armstrong.

    Racing at Leadville for the first time, Grant was up to the challenge overcoming solid competition and rainy weather that dipped the temperature into the thirties. "I was so cold once the rain started I couldn't drink for the first 40 miles because my hands couldn't squeeze the bottle," Grant said.

    Aug 8, 2009

    Vancouver Regional Meeting Webcast (Free and Live)

    Click here to watch the live action of the Vancouver Regional Meeting starting at 9 a.m. (PDT) on Saturday, August 29, 2009.

    MonaVie's regional events promise to provide you with insightful instructions to help you improve your business. As always, Dallin A. Larsen, founder, chairman, and CEO, will lead the event, and Jeff Graham, vice president of product management, will provide an exciting update on MonaVie products.

    Please note that the webcast will be available in six languages:

  • English
  • Polish
  • Spanish
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese
  • Hebrew
  • Aug 8, 2009

    Ed Aristizabal's MORE Project Experience

    Black Diamond Executive Ed Aristizabal recently visited the MORE Project in Brazil. Here's what he had to say about his touching experience.

    "Fellow distributors, many of you know about Paul Meehan's MORE Miles 4 MORE Kids fundraising project. Paul will ride his bicycle from Washington D.C., to Orlando, Florida, arriving in Orlando on August 21, 2009. His goal is to raise US$50,000 to go directly to the MORE Project. Let's support Paul and his efforts by visiting and making a donation today.

    "Fortunately, I just came back from the MORE Project and had the experience of a lifetime. I can't tell you how fulfilling this trip was. It was amazing to see the whole extent of the MORE Project. Most people have no idea about Mom's House, The Father's House Project, The Believer's Project, etc. Every distributor who is serious about MonaVie should make it a goal to see and experience the MORE Project firsthand.

    "It's funny. I've seen all the videos; I've listened to Sergio Ponce; and, of course, Brig Hart raises money and donates to the MORE Project like a crazy man. But, there's nothing like physically going to Brazil yourself to 'touch it, feel it, and share it' (sound familiar?).

    "Visiting the MORE Project has caused my passion for MonaVie to grow tremendously. I'm sure that baffles many of you. How could a Black Diamond not already have a 'full cup'? I can only compare it to having kids: Your ability to love them does not grow—it multiplies.

    "I want to thank the MonaVie Executive Team for their vision and efforts to make a difference through the MORE Project. As I now tell our groups, 'We need the MORE Project.' When people join the MonaVie family and get involved and see the true heart of the company, the more likely it is that they'll remain loyal customers and distributors. They know that the fruits of their labors are making the world a better place.

    "What means the most to me is now my oldest son sees an additional reason why we work this business so hard. He now has a better understanding of the sacrifices we have made to make this business work. He has come back a more mature young man and more appreciative of what we have, but also more understanding about what others don't have."

    Aug 6, 2009

    Get Your New MonaVie EMV Items at MonaVie Mall Today!

    Keep the momentum going in your MonaVie business with awesome new MonaVie EMV items at MonaVie Mall!

    Men's Indy EMV Pit Crew Polo
    Show your support for MonaVie racing and EMV with the Indy Pit Crew Polo.

    MonaVie EMV Light Speed Foil T-shirt
    Energize your wardrobe with an official MonaVie EMV t-shirt; Pre-shrunk, 100% cotton.

    Black Indy Series Scheckter Signature Hat
    Celebrate MonaVie EMV and the Indy 500 with the Tomas Scheckter signature hat. MonaVie logos are featured on front, with Tomas Scheckter's signature in white on the left side. One size.

    MonaVie EMV Brochure (10-pack)
    Go the distance with the MonaVie EMV Product brochure. This easy-to-read pamphlet makes a perfect handout for your next tasting party. Equipped with essential facts about MonaVie EMV's natural energy blend, describing the benefits of this amazing product couldn't be easier.

    Aug 1, 2009

    Watch John and Barbara Sims's Black Diamond Documentary

    MonaVie is experiencing amazing growth with more and more distributors advancing in the ranks every week, including Black Diamond Executives John and Barbara Sims.

    Watch the Sims's Black Diamond documentary and learn why they say they enjoy their Black Diamond lifestyle.

    John and Barbara Sims, Black Diamond Executives
    Watch Video.

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