Score three goals in one soccer game, and it's called a “hat trick.” Now with the MonaVie Hat Trick Promotion that runs from November 16, 2013 to March 28, 2014 (bonus periods 464–482), MonaVie distributors around the world have the chance to earn a hat trick of their own and score three of the most amazing things you can do in Brazil: (1) watch a live World Cup soccer game, (2) visit the MORE Project in Rio de Janeiro, and (3) embark on an Amazon adventure!


Five (5) qualifying MonaVie distributorships will win the trip of a lifetime to Brazil. Because winners will be chosen via a random drawing, everyone has equal opportunity to win simply by doing those activities that make you a successful MonaVie distributor.

Earn tickets for the drawing in the following ways:

  • Personal Enrolment Volume. Earn one (1) ticket for every 500 PV in sales from your new and personally enrolled distributors.
  • Rank Advancement. Earn tickets for advancing in rank, as follows: Star = 1 ticket; Star 250* = 2 tickets; Star 500 = 3 tickets; and so on, up through the ranks.
  • Double Tickets. As extra incentive to get started early, distributors will earn double tickets on all qualifying activities, from November 16, 2013 to January 3, 2014 (bonus periods 464–470).


If you don’t win the hat trick, you can still finish a winner!

  • Free Cars. Two free carsTwo free cars (valued at USD $50,000 each!) will be awarded during the promotion.
    • All tickets earned from November 16, 2013 to January 3, 2014 (bonus periods 464–470), will be placed in a drawing for one distributor to win a free car at the beginning of 2014.
    • Then, once the promotional period is complete on March 28, 2014 (bonus period 482), distributors from the region with the most total tickets earned will be entered to win another free car!
  • Brazil Trip. Anyone can earn the Brazil trip (not including the World Cup Game) by advancing in rank to Purple Diamond, or higher, during the promotional period.
  • Weekly Prizes.During the promotion, there will be weekly drawings for a variety of fun prizes. (Winners of the weekly drawings will not have their tickets taken out of the pool and will still be eligible for the grand prize.)

Get started today with the MonaVie Hat Trick Promotion, and you’ll be well on your way to checking some amazing life experiences off your bucket list!

* For markets that do not have the rank of Star 250, or other ranks, the ticket allotment would be adjusted accordingly. For example, since the Star 250 rank does not exist in the United States, the rank of Star 500 would earn two tickets.
† Please note in order to be eligible to win any of the rewards (Hat Trick, cars, Brazil trip, and weekly prizes) you must maintain an Active and Qualified status (as defined in the MonaVie Compensation Plan) during the promotional period or until the time of the drawing for which you are a winner.

See official Hat Trick Promotion Rules