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Jun 9, 2010

Stylit.TV Oscar Week Celebrity Gift Bag Giveaway

Remember MonaVie’s fun-filled weekend at the Academy Awards? Ah, those were some good times…go here to view a great video recap, including celebrities like John Salley, Quentin Aaron, and several members of the cast of the hit television show “Glee” trying MonaVie (M)mun.

Candid photos are posted to MonaVie Photo.

Oh and I mentioned a little giveaway didn’t I? MonaVie has partnered with Stylit.TV to bring you a chance to win the Oscar week celebrity gift bag from the VIP Secret Room Style Lounge, worth $2,100!

Visit and enter the bonus code “MonaVie” for 20 extra chances to win. Then visit daily for more opportunities to win. This is open to all so I encourage you to Facebook and Twitter to get the word out!

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MonaVie Chief Blogger

Jun 7, 2010

Calvin Becerra: A-ha Moments and Achieving Success Again and Again

Calvin Becerra is the youngest Black Diamond in MonaVie history and his rise to such a rank is a true test of determination and willingness to hit the ground running, spending every waking moment when not working a tradition 9-5 job building his prospect list and enrolling new distributors.

“You have to be willing to work,” said Calvin. “Many are not willing to do that.”

Work was what took him to the rank of Black Diamond in a mere eight months after enrolling in MonaVie. However, just because you hit Black Diamond, doesn’t mean it’s smooth sailing thereafter. In Calvin’s case, Black Diamond was a starting point and launch pad for many lessons learned – lessons he has gladly agreed to share with us through a series of videos highlighting his own “a-ha” moments and best business building tips.

[caption id="attachment_1326" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Calvin on stage during 2009 Anaheim Regional"]Monavie-Anaheim-Regional-09-3633[/caption]

But first, let’s get back to Calvin’s story and lesson number one, which starts where his last Black Diamond documentary left off…

Lesson #1: Do not take your foot off the gas pedal and expect your business to build itself, especially if you did not build that business with a strong foundation.

Calvin learned this the hard way. Shortly after hitting Black Diamond he said he decided to take a step back and enjoy the fruits of his eight month labor.

“Where I went wrong is I took my foot off the gas and coasted for 5-6 months and it takes that long for people to lose faith in you,” said Calvin. “If you’re not doing anything then your people won’t do anything – your people are always watching you.”

Calvin said he stopped doing tasting parties, he stopped enrolling and he stopped leading.

He also experienced his first “jumpers” or those who left MonaVie for seemingly greener pastures and admits to having his own doubt and wondered if he should do the same. Luckily he took good friend and fellow Black Diamond Todd Hartog’s advice and put “principles before profit.”

Eventually his volume dropped to that of an Emerald (15,000 points) from Black Diamond (150,000 points), which to many a loss far less significant would have meant throwing in the towel but to Calvin, it meant an opportunity to rebuild and to do it on far more solid ground. But first, he sought the advice of other MonaVie leaders, gleaning as much information as he could get his hands on.

And then he went back to work, making himself a student of networking, and rebuilding his organization from the ground up, this time with some key principles in tact.

He became a prolific enroller, sponsoring 50-60 new distributors in the next year. Also, instead of being the sole leader within his organization, he encouraged his people to organize and sustain their own groups and tasting parties and to ultimately take charge of their own businesses.

Which was Lesson #2: When building a network, key principles must be locked in from the ground level and leaders forged or success is fleeting.

“What I realized right away is that relationships had to be molded and while I had achieved success my people were still just finding their way and if I didn’t build that community within my team and forge those relationships their businesses and subsequently my business would fall apart like in the past,” said Calvin.

Since then, Calvin considers the importance of empowering people right up there with enrolling.

He also decided to get himself grounded. He found just that when he met his fiancé Shannon, and as a new father he appreciates the strength and support of a strong partner who keeps him focused.

[caption id="attachment_1327" align="alignright" width="199" caption="Calvin and Shannon on Black Diamond Destination in Bora Bora, Tahiti"]calvin_shannon_3154[/caption]

He also got behind the MonaVie brand, not just the products, this time around.

The MonaVie brand is about more than products,” said Calvin. “It’s about success and strength.”

Finally, he launched himself into the social media platforms, learning as much as he could and using the content generated on MonaVie’s Media Center, BlogMV, Twitter and Facebook pages to fill his own Facebook and Twitter accounts. He used the social media platforms to first, build relationships, which eventually lead to prospects and new enrollees, including most of his leaders in his international business.

“If you are not using these tools, you are missing out,” said Calvin.

And his goal moving forward is to share his lessons learned, as well as, reignite the US market and recreate the excitement felt at the beginning of the MonaVie birth with the help of Senior Vice President Jeff Graham.

Oh, and to secure his Black Diamond status and beyond month after month.

“I had to rebuild over 135,000 points and I did it and that means anyone can bounce back from less – you just have to be willing to go back to work,” said Calvin. “I am proof that success can be achieved over and over again.”

To view Calvin’s first installment in a series of “Tips and A-Ha Moments”, visit the MonaVie YouTube channel. Feel free to comments, questions and video responses

Jun 3, 2010

Share Your Tasting Party, Version 2: Now Accepting Photo Entries

This is a US and Canada Only Promotion

While videos are where it’s at, we will also be accepting photos of your home tasting parties as entries for the “Share Your Tasting Party.” We still want to hear the following:

Number of people at your home tasting party

You sharing the product

Tasting party set up and any MonaVie swag

Reactions from your guests

A thought or two about why you should win

Send me ( a paragraph or two with those details and a few photos from EACH tasting party and an entry into the promo you will have. NOTE: We will be posting these on our social media platforms so if you enter, you are also giving us permission to publish.

You have until June 18th to submit as many unique entries as possible for a chance to have Jeff Graham show up at a tasting party in your area with our new EMV Lite product, a message, EMV Lite swag and another corporate companion.

Oh and I did promise giveaways for just entering so here’s the deal…the second deal.

Should you decide to send me a video response – you will automatically get an EMV Lite giveaway. You can visit the How To: Post a Video Response on YouTube link if you need any help.

Those sending photos will be thrown into a pool and drawn names will receive an EMV Lite giveaway.

But of course you are ALL are entering for an opportunity to have Jeff Graham attend a local tasting party. Clear as mud? Good! If you have questions you can leave them in the comments section and I’ll do my best to answer in a timely fashion.

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MonaVie Chief Blogger

Jun 1, 2010

Dean and Melissa Soltis: 1st Place Winners of the Indy 500 Dream Giveaway!

Dean & Melissa Soltis


Dean and Melissa Soltis

Current rank

Bronze Executive

Where are you from?

Dayton, Minnesota (Suburb of Minneapolis)

How were you introduced to MonaVie?

We were introduced by a stranger, Scott and Renita Brannan (Bismarck, ND), at a gas station pump less than 60 days ago, when they were in Minneapolis. We signed up within 2.5 minutes of being presented the opportunity; hadn’t even tasted the juice, but recognized a huge opportunity. By the time Dean’s tank was fueled, he was enrolled. Dean saw “MonaVie” on their Denali and asked what MonaVie was - see how important branding yourself is?!

What is your “why?”

We want to get out of the cabinet and granite fabrication business and leave our 50 employees with a new owner; to be employee free.

What is your favorite moment with MonaVie so far?

Favorite moment so far has been winning the Indy 500 promo – Having our name put on the MonaVie Indy 500 racecar and getting Tomas Scheckter’s signed Indy 500 helmet is a once in a lifetime opportunity! That, plus being able to spend two days learning and asking questions of the founder and the top people of MonaVie: Henry Marsh, Brig and Lita Hart, Bobby Robinson, Jeff Graham, Grayson Maule, Shante Schroeder, Tomas Sheckter and the rest of the MonaVie gang!

Share your best business building tip

Don’t make assumptions or decisions for or about people – you never know who’s open to a new opportunity! And that means from the amount of cases they put on auto-ship or them wanting to run the business to a Diamond! One of my friends of over 30 years, that I would have never thought to be interested, wants all in after presenting the opportunity to him! Always be asking questions to qualify people.

Where to from here? Goals, aspirations, plans...

Our next goal is to work diligently with all of our downline to make them stars and star-makers! Get them their purple card and help them reach their goals and dreams.
Our goal is to become Black Diamond by Dec 31, 2010. By becoming a Black Diamond, we will replace our income at Affordable Granite & Cabinetry, which will allow us to either sell our business or make it employee owned. The time and freedom we will have gained will allow us to volunteer with charities that have special meaning to us.

May 28, 2010

How To: Post a Video Response on YouTube

There are many free options to edit video. The two biggest other than the professional grade Final Cut Pro are Microsoft Movie Maker and Apple iMovie. I have worked with Final Cut Pro but use Apple iMovie for most of my projects as it is quick and simple...and I heart quick and simple.

There’s also a list of free editing software online if you simple do a Google search. Those with Flip video cameras are given software with their cameras. Same story for Kodak digital video camera, such as the Zi8.

As for the "Share Your Tasting Party" promo, there really are no length requirements on these videos, so disregard past suggestions to keep it 30-90 seconds. The point is to submit as many videos as possible and for that reason alone, the simpler the edit job the better. I can usually upload raw footage, edit and render a video out within 30 minutes or less. In fact, you don't even have to edit anything. If you shoot several sequences that you think are a great collaboration from your tasting party - send it in. Keep it raw. That's how we roll!

The next question I’ve received is how to upload the video to YouTube as a video response. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help:

Go to the video you wish to respond to. For this promotion, your video responses should be to Jeff Graham’s “Share Your Tasting Party” video, located here.

Picture 1

Simple click in the “Respond to this video…” box below the video.

Picture 2

Once you do this the box will be highlighted in blue and a "Attach a video" link will appear to the right.

Click on the link and it will take you to a page where you have the option to “Record a Video” or “Choose a Video” from your current YouTube library or “Upload a Video.”

Picture 4Picture 5

At this point it’s up to you. If you’ve already uploaded the video to your personal YouTube account then click “Choose a Video.” Otherwise, click “Upload a Video” and a menu will pop up in a separate smaller window. From there you simply need to find the video on your drive, click on it and YouTube will do the rest for you. You may have to fill in a few descriptive details about the video; make sure to include name and Distributor ID in the Description box. Your video may not show up right away and that is only because I have to approve them before they go live.

And there your have it. You will be good to go! If you need further explanation then please feel free to leave me a comment here or email me at

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MonaVie Chief Blogger

May 26, 2010

MonaVie's Got Talent: Show Us Yours at the International "Vision" Convention

And we want to see your talent at the International “Vision” Convention June 24-26th.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to be a feature performer during the Friday night 5-year Celebration at the International Convention on June 25th this is what you’ve got to do:

Record you performing your piece (as in the piece you want to perform at the event) and load it to YouTube. Send the URL link to Shante Schroeder at along with your full name and distributor ID, and a list of any set up items you’ll need to perform your talent (microphone, audio/visual, etc.) Simple as that!

Okay, there are a few guidelines to follow:

  • Your talent must no longer than 3 minutes in length
  • You must be a distributor in order to perform
  • You must already be attending the MonaVie International “Vision” Convention

Deadline to enter is June 9th.

No compensation will be awarded to those lucky few who are chosen…only the chance to share your amazing talent with the rest of the MonaVie family at one of the biggest gatherings in MonaVie history…oh and plenty of back stage product ;)

See you at the big event!

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MonaVie Chief Blogger

May 18, 2010

Share Your Tasting Party

This is a US and Canada Only Promotion

Do you want an opportunity to have MonaVie Senior VP Jeff Graham show up at your next home tasting party? Here’s your chance.

For the next 30 days, video tape a short video from each tasting party you conduct and enter it into the drawing. Every new tasting party will be considered a unique entry, which means the more tasting parties you have and submit, the more chances you have to win, and that is a win-win, right?!

If you’re chosen, Jeff Graham will show up to one of your tasting parties with our new EMV Lite product, a message, EMV Lite swag and another corporate companion. Oh and we’ll have our own video camera running at that tasting party, which you know we’ll post. Because here on BlogMV, we’re in the business of making you famous…or at least recognizing your awesomeness.

Here's a quick message from Jeff to tell you more:

Here’s what we want you to capture on video:

  1. Number of people at your home tasting party
  2. You sharing the product
  3. Tasting party set up and any MonaVie swag
  4. Reactions from your guests
  5. A thought or two as to why you should win

I’ll post a couple sample videos this week so you get an idea of what we’re looking for but for the most part, keep them short, creative and keep them coming! Oh, and have fun with these. Send your entries between now and June 18th. We’ll draw lucky winners just before the International “Vision” Convention.

We may have a few other giveaways along the way…which is a total secret so don’t tell anyone I told you already.

So, big question is “where do I send my videos?”

Post all videos as a reply to this great video of Jeff telling you about this super fly opportunity on MonaVie’s YouTube channel. Click in the box “Respond to this video” and then on the link “Attach a video.”

You’ll likely need to sign up for a free YouTube account if you don’t already have one. If that is far too technical for you, get help or email me at and I’ll walk you through the process. Finally, I'll be approving all replies before they go live.

Can’t wait to see what you send in!

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MonaVie Chief Blogger

May 10, 2010

Beautiful, Fast and Efficient

electriccarNot too long ago, one of my MonaVie colleagues, purchased an electric car that is beautiful, fast and efficient.  I love it!

As MonaVie’s CFO, I am frequently asked about the financial condition of the company.  As a privately held company, we don’t report numbers publicly so it is sometimes a challenge to express just how well we’re doing.

At the moment, MonaVie is operating just like that electric car.   The business is beautiful, fast and efficient.

Over the last 24 months, MonaVie has opened for business on four continents, bringing the total to five where we now do business.  Our company now does business in a multitude of languages as diverse as Bahasa Malay and Portuguese; we do business in Australian Dollars and Polish Zloty; our distributors are as diverse as any single group in the world, representing a tremendous heritage of religious and cultural traditions. And yet, for every distributor the opportunity to build is best right next door.  MonaVie is beautiful!

MonaVie is also experiencing rapid growth in Japan and Malaysia.  The launch of our business in Korea has been the biggest and most successful of any launch in the company’s history.  The overall business is growing.  No other networking company we can find has experienced growth like ours.  Our prospects for growth have never been brighter.  MonaVie is fast!

The health of a company can be measured best, perhaps, by its profitability or efficiency.  There are infinite ways to measure and compare efficiency and we’ve looked at every measure we can think of and can confidently say that MonaVie uses its resources wisely, makes appropriate returns on invested capital and operates with a margin of safety that preserves our commitment to pay commissions and ship product on time every week.  MonaVie is efficient!

Now, if I could just borrow the car…

DevinThorpe sig

Devin Thorpe

Chief Financial Officer, MonaVie

May 3, 2010

Motorcycles, MonaVie, and a Miracle

For MonaVie Ruby distributors John and Teresa Morros, raising their son Josh riding motorcycles became more than just a casual family event. As early as four years old, Josh starting racing motorcycles competitively. So in April 2008, it came as no surprise to John and Teresa when Josh decided to turn pro at the age of 16, the youngest ever in off-road motorcycle racing. Josh was quickly on his way to stardom and even finished 3rd overall in his pro debut and even led for much of the race.

For a kid who seemed to have the whole world in his hand, Josh and his family would soon have that world turn upside down.

Tragedy Strikes

On August 16, 2008, Josh was racing in the National Hare & Hound Race in Wendover, Nevada when tragedy struck.

“After racing two hours, I was looking to put the past on the leader, going about 80 mph, when I crashed and tumbled approximately 15 times with the bike hitting me several times finally resting on me with a face plant into the ground,”  said Josh.

Unconscious, Josh was flown to a hospital in Provo, Utah and diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury, multiple bone fractures and abrasions and in a coma.  Josh’s initial prognosis was dire. Doctors informed John and Teresa the likelihood of Josh coming out of the coma was slim, and even if Josh did come out of the coma, his disabilities would be severe.

[caption id="attachment_1097" align="alignright" width="240" caption="After a horrific motorcycle crash, Josh Morros was flown to a hospital in Utah where he remained in a coma for 24 days."][/caption]

Two days after the accident doctor’s ran tests and were shocked to find tests showing Josh’s nutritional health was off the charts. In addition to a healthy diet, Josh would consume around 7500 calories a day, including half a bottle of MonaVie Active three to four days before a race to ensure proper energy reserves. Doctors said Josh’s health was paramount in providing Josh’s body a head start. As Josh’s parents waited at his bedside, Teresa started doing research about brain injuries as she refused to just “give up” on Josh.

An Awakening

For John and Teresa, the days were agonizing. Not only were they praying their injured son would wake up, but even if he did come out of his coma, was a recovery even possible?

After being in a coma for 24 straight days, on September 8, 2008 Josh awoke from his coma. While he could not talk, there were signs he was aware of who he was, and recognized those around him, certainly an answer to prayers of his family and friends. It was the start of a rigorous rehabilitation process as Josh had relearn how to do most things and Teresa made sure MonaVie was a part of that process.

“Four days after I woke I learned how to drink out of a straw and the doctors knew how important MonaVie was to my family and hospital and staff believed in good nutrition, so they allowed my mom to introduced the Active juice back into my diet giving me 6-8 ounces of juice two to three times a day.  My mom even had some of the nurses taking the gel packs instead of drinking coffee,” said Josh.

For weeks, Josh could not talk and struggled to rehab his injuries but soon Josh and Teresa’s hard work would pay off. Josh’s will to succeed and competitive nature served him well as he relearned how to drink from a straw, eat food, and eventually walk.  On October 2, 2008, Josh actually walked out of the hospital in Utah, and was released to finish up his rehab work, closer to home, in Reno, Nevada.  While Josh was supposed to stay in the Reno hospital for another month, it lasted only eight days as Teresa felt she had done enough research and could better care for Josh without all the hospital costs. Josh’s doctor in Reno was skeptical, but Josh simply stated, “He did not know my mom.”

Teresa set Josh up on a strict rehabilitation program and within a few weeks Josh went in for a brain checkup where doctors said his brain activity was normal.

[caption id="attachment_1098" align="alignright" width="267" caption="After coming out of a coma and suffering a shearing of the brain, Josh underwent a rigorous rehabilitation process."][/caption]

Josh’s reaction?


Four months later, Josh headed to the desert and went on his first trail ride on a motorcycle. In less than a year, Josh was able to obtain his driver’s license, was back in school and training to get back to riding motorcycles.

On September 26, 2009, Josh decided to return to Wendover, Nevada and race in the very event that nearly took his life a year earlier.

“I convinced my parents to let me race. I needed to prove to myself that I could do it. I finished the Wendover race that day after a long three plus hours. I was not the top dog, but I was satisfied with just finishing the race in one piece.”

MonaVie was there

Not only was MonaVie there for Josh to aid in his nutrition that aided his recovery, but the family also received support from the MonaVie community. During Josh’s recovery, friends were able to talk with Dr. Alexander Schauss during MonaVie’s 2008 convention. Dr. Schauss provided advice and prescriptions that significantly aided in Josh’s recovery.  Teresa even bought Dr. Schauss’ book Feed My Brain and followed his advice as part of Josh’s recovery.  In February, the Morros families reached Ruby Executive and were able to come to Utah and participate in the Ruby Fly-In.

“We are so grateful to MonaVie and the opportunity.  The entire time my mom was in Utah by my side she got paid every week so she could stay there with me,” said Josh.  “The MonaVie opportunity has given my parents the freedom to continue the care for me over the last year and seven months, our story would be different if my parents were forced to get traditional jobs….THANK YOU MONAVIE.”

[caption id="attachment_19624" align="alignright" width="238" caption="Josh Morros praying before the same race that left him in a coma two years earlier. Josh finished the race unharmed."][/caption]

A Special Weekend!

This past weekend, MonaVie was able to invite Josh and his family to Salt Lake City to visit MonaVie headquarters, meet our executive team and also a chance to meet AMA Supercross Hall of Famer and MonaVie distributor, Jeff Emig. Jeff was in town as the color analyst for the AMA Supercross Event and is a legend in the industry. The Morros family and Jeff Emig were able to tour MonaVie headquarters together, chat with MonaVie executives like Henry Marsh, CFO Devin Thorpe, Randy Larsen, Senior Vice President Jeff Graham and VP of Marketing Wayne Moorehead. The Morros family also received a nice present from Henry Marsh, the hottest ticket in town, tickets to game #6 of the Utah Jazz vs. Denver Nuggets NBA playoff game.

The following day, the family was able to attend the AMA Supercross event in Salt Lake City. Jeff Emig was kind enough to get the family tickets and despite rain and snow during the event, the family had a great time.

Teresa, John and Josh are an inspiration to many around them, and a testament to the power of MonaVie, having proper nutrition and never giving up. Today, Josh is still working his way back to riding competitively, and he and his parents will be taking their message with them. Teresa has already received inquiries from doctors and medical associations about their story and how proper nutrition can help aid brain injuries.

[caption id="attachment_1099" align="alignright" width="273" caption="The Morros Family and Jeff Emig tour HQ and meet MonaVie executives!"][/caption]

For those who wish to contact Teresa Morros and hear their story, email them at


Michael Jensen

Social Media Promotions Manager

Apr 30, 2010

High Five Friday

You say whaaattt?? I know, people call me crazy. I prefer whimsical. But I'm officially making this Friday and every Friday henceforth (as that makes it sound more official) High Five Friday. And it's as simple as this...



Share a little humor, inspiration, craziness, fun and happiness by sending us all a virtual high five (the high being both "hi" and "high on life" messages that are meant to elevate us all). We snapped these photos in mere minutes with my iPhone. So, come on, join the fun and send those high fives to me at and I'll post them here on BlogMV, Facebook and Twitter. Cuz it's all about sharing the love! [insert me singing "Where is the love" by The Black Eyed Peas or "All You Need is Love" by The Beatles or...okay, crazy talking again - you get the idea]

Share it!

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