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Oct 24, 2011

Never Worry About Layoffs Again

If you’re a part of the 22 percent who are worried about being laid off, now is a good time to:

A.     Find a new job

B.     Move in with your relatives

C.     Create a residual income stream can help you with option A; perhaps can help you with option B…

MonaVie can help you with option C! Through the use of community commerce, aka direct selling, you will be given the system and tools to build a residual income in those non-working hours.

Many are saying goodbye to their 9-5 work (horse) jobs and embracing the only scalable model to address the global concerns related to unemployment and underemployment – community commerce.

Still worried about being laid off? Learn more at the upcoming MonaVie 2.0 event, held January 13-14 in Dallas, Texas.


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MonaVie Chief Blogger


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