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Mar 12, 2010

Wanna Sample EMV Lite?

You’re all way too smart for me because you guessed which product would be offered to sample at the Indianapolis Regional. Good work! And guess what, for you extra smart-ness (don’t tell me that’s not a word), we’re going to give you an opportunity to sample the product and participate in the last phase of development, even if you will not be attending the regional.

Here's Jeff Graham, VP of Product Development to tell you more:

That’s right, we’re selecting 20 fans from our official MonaVie Facebook page to receive a sample can of EMV Lite, along with the Lite’n Up drop card Jeff Graham is holding in the video, and a survey because we want your input before we go into final production. And if you want another chance to be chosen, pop over to MonaVie’s Twitter page because we’re choosing another 20 followers to receive a sample as well.

Does it get better than this? Don’t answer that. Let’s just revel in the fact that you get to try product before it’s launched.

Here’s what you need to do, just follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter Saturday, March 13 during the live coverage of the Indianapolis Regional. Comment on any of the status updates during the Saturday event on Facebook, Tweet @monavie, reTweet something we’ve Tweeted, or comment here on BlogMV. Just let me know you’re sharing it. The more comments and Tweets, the merrier!

We’ll randomly choose our 20 people from Facebook and 20 from Twitter on Monday.

Now I’m off to Indianapolis!

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