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Sep 25, 2014

Why Not? 3 Reasons You Need to Ask this Question to Yourself

Ahh. There’s something about turning on TV and seeing reports about the NFL and each of the 32 teams that just feels right.

You see, Summer may be ending and Fall is starting to flutter through the air, but when football season starts, it’s almost like Spring has sprung again…it’s definitely a time when excitement and optimism rule.

At nearly every training camp around the league this year, teams were asking “Why not us?” “We can win Super Bowl XLIX. Why not?” The reigning champion Seattle Seahawks were asking it. The Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning were asking it. The Cincinnati Bengals, Carolina Panthers, and even the Cleveland Browns were asking it (look up your favorite team’s video by Googling “Why not us?: [insert team name]”).

So…why not? Why not you? Why not now? Why not us? These are powerfully simple questions, but they must be asked, and below are 3 reasons why.

1. Removes Excuses
The first reason is that this question helps you remove all the excuses. Someone says, Why not? And your answers may include: “Because, I’m not strong enough.” “Because, I’m shy.” “Because, he/she is getting in my way.” Go ahead and put all your reasons/excuses on the table—it’s actually health to do so. Then let’s examine them and ask again, “Why not?” or “Despite that, why not?” You will eventually see that there really is no reason you can’t achieve your dreams, and that there is no one better equipped then you to chase after them.

2. Expands Your View
This really should be No. 1, but once you get the excuses out of the way your vision starts to open up and you begin to realize that there really is no reason you can’t achieve the same success as others in MonaVie or even more.

Growing up we were told that we can do anything and we believed it. But somewhere along the way we lose that virtuous belief. Sometimes children get into the habit of ask “Why not?” repeatedly, and eventually the parent, having exhausted all explanations they can think of, gets frustrated and shouts out something like, “Because that’s the way it is!”

But let’s think for a minute why the “Why not?” question is something we hear a lot from children? Maybe it’s because children don’t yet see boundaries. They don’t yet understand the concept of limits. It’s just not part of their vision

So…why not? When we ask this question when we are in our 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s or higher, it’s like our mind is instantly transported back to the broader, unlimited imagination that we had when we were children.

Oh, and here’s what Steve Jobs had to say about viewing the world with no limits.

3. Launches Your Creative Genius
With the excuses mousetrap crushed and your imagination running as wild as a 5-year-old’s, you will be amazed at the creative ideas that begin to flow to your mind.

You will be able to come up with fresh ideas for your next MonaVie home meeting. You will be able to clearly see how you need to approach an old contact. You will have an extra burst of energy as you realize that you can achieve greatness with the right amount of effort.

You will even laugh at some of the ideas that you come up with. No matter. Keep that creative mojo going. The only way you can test the limits is by thinking of the impossible. Even after you come up with the idea, you’ll ask yourself, “Why not?” And just like that, what once seemed impossible no longer feels so daunting.

Additionally, you will become open to the ideas of others. People will not only view you as being approachable, but you will also find yourself involved in some powerful brainstorming discussions. You will be able to build lasting relationships as you combine and extend ideas with others.

So…who not you?

Today, someone will turn a hurdle into an opportunity to leap higher…why not you?
Today, someone will stand in front of others and share what they believe…why not you?
Today, someone is advancing in rank…why not you?

Much like your favorite NFL team is doing right now, it’s time for you to ask: Why not? And like a child, don’t be afraid to repeat the question multiple times.

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