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Oct 8, 2012

The Real Work Starts Now

The Acceler8 Convention in Anaheim ended just over a month ago, and the Get a VIEW Conference in Orlando is a mere 16 weeks away. A lot can happen in these months between events, so now is when the real work starts.

For example, the excitement and empowerment created in Anaheim may start to fade. We know. We’ve all been there. It happens. Maybe it would help to think back on those inspirational days at Acceler8 and write down what moved you then.

  • What were the moments when you were, perhaps, overcome with emotion? During the MORE Project give? Dallin’s speech? John Maxwell’s speech? Watch some of the videos posted online from Anaheim to live the moving moments a second time. Click here for the link to all of the presentations.
  • How about the moments when you were so fired up you wanted to jump up out of your seat? Admit it, you probably couldn’t help dancing for a bit (even if it was from your seat) when Derek Hough was on stage. Try to recapture the energy in the room then. You just might feel unstoppable all over again.
  • Surely there were some times during the event when you caught yourself saying, “Yes, I can totally do that. That’s not so hard.” Maybe there was a certain RVL success story that rang true for you. Or, perhaps it was hearing a fellow distributor’s story that suddenly made something so clear and attainable, and no longer confusing.
  • Maybe you even had an “aha” moment, went home and acted on it immediately, and are now reaping some of the benefits. Tell us about it!

Don’t let these feelings fade. These are the moments when your spirit is speaking to you, and guiding you to act on the feeling. Is it any wonder the root of the word “inspiration” is “spirit”?

As you prepare for Orlando at the beginning of 2013, consider how you felt in Anaheim, do your best to generate those same feelings now, create an attainable goal, and take action on your inspiration. Then, by the time you travel to Florida in January, you’ll have new speakers to learn from, new inspiration to act on, and new steps taken to achieving A More Meaningful Life. 

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