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Oct 17, 2012

The Flu. Shot. Healthy Strategies to Boost Your Immunity

It’s that time of year again. Time to stock up on tissues, hot tea, decongestant, and that nighttime sniffling, achoo-ing, wake up with a dry mouth medicine that knocks you out. Or is it?

Maybe this year can be different. Maybe this year you can power your way through flu season with a strong immune system and come out none the worse for wear. Incorporating these healthy strategies now could help minimize when you have to call in sick to the office—if at all.

Some of the more common tips include:

  • Get enough sleep
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water
  • Minimize stress as much as possible
  • Reduce sugar intake—even one teaspoon of sugar can weaken your immune system for several hours

Topping the list, however, is to eat plenty of high-antioxidant fruits and vegetables. Generally, depending on age, gender, etc., we should eat at least 10­–12 servings a day for improved immunity. (Shawn Talbott, MonaVie’s VP of Product Innovation and Education, recently wrote a blog on eating your fruits and veggies. Read it here.)

Trouble is, it can be difficult to get all of the servings we need in day. Of course, there is a way and you all know the answer, right? MonaVie! That’s because MonaVie Juices and RVL Shakes give you the antioxidant equivalent of the 10–12 servings you should consume when the busy-ness of life prevents you from eating whole fruits and vegetables.

Plus, MonaVie (M)mun optimizes your immune system with Wellmune®—a clinically proven beta-glucan polysaccharide that’s produced from a proprietary strain of baker’s yeast. It’s a scientifically advanced juice that combats cellular oxidation while helping protect your body.

So, drink up and arm yourself during cold and flu season with MonaVie!


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