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Jun 7, 2012

Secure A More Meaningful Life by Gaining More Financial Security

When recruiting new members for your MonaVie team, the notion of "financial security" undoubtedly comes into play.  Here is a five-year trend (recently published by USA Today) showing how Americans have felt, and currently feel, about their state of financial security.

February 2007:   While the economy was still booming, 51% of Americans labeled their financial security at "fair or better"

February 2010:   Nearly 18 months after the recession hit, only 35% of Americans classified their financial security as "fair or better"

February 2012:   With a brightening economic outlook, 41% of Americans describedtheir financial security as "fair or better"

So as it stands now, less than 1 out of every 2 people that you approach feel "fair or better" about their financial security. And this level of feeling financially good remains way below the pre-recession level.

As you—and those in your organization—continue to prospect, keep in mind the pervasive feeling about "financial security" and communicate the potential that the MonaVie business opportunity has to help improve financial security and create A More Meaningful Life.

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