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Feb 22, 2012

Rules: In the Game of Basketball and the Game of Life

Without knowing the rules to the game, would you really be playing basketball if someone told you simply to: “put the ball through the hoop”?

In basketball—and in life—rules not only provide the structure necessary for a fair and equitable playing field, but they can also give each participant his or her best chance to succeed and have fun.

The same is true for the MVP distributor training system. MonaVie has developed a Code of Ethics that outlines the “unspoken” rules of the game and creates a culture of mutual respect that will bolster your business and enhance the opportunity for all.   

The MonaVie Code of Ethics can be found in the MVP Playbook. In addition, we have included a new course on the Code of Ethics as part of our MonaVie MVP Certification Series (7-pack bundle)

MonaVie’s Code of Ethics

I will not:

  • Speak negatively about MonaVie, MonaVie products, or MonaVie leaders.
  • Speak negatively or any race, culture, religion, or creed.
  • Share personal political views when representing MonaVie.
  • De-edify or embarrass my upline, downline or crossline.
  • Borrow or lend money to my upline or downline.

I will:

  • Honor my line of sponsorship.
  • Be faithful in my relationships.
  • Seek approval and guidance of my upline before implementing new ideas or programs.
  • Teach only strategies and principles that can be replicated by everyone.
  • Be exceptional in my conduct at all times.

In this class, you will be introduced to the 10 points of the Code of Ethics and will be provided with examples of these guidelines in action.

The certification series can now be purchased through your Virtual Office. After signing into your Virtual Office, go to the “Order” tab and click on the “MVP Courses” category.

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