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Feb 8, 2012

New MonaVie Websites Make Doing Business Easier

As part of MonaVie 2.0, both the (main corporate site) and (distributor) websites have been revamped. One of the goals for these new websites was to make a more user-friendly distributor experience, which is why all of the previous (separate) sites have been combined into the one new .com site.

Recently, the MLM Corporate Network gave a “report card”–type review on the new site in an article titled MLM Report Card: MonaVie’s New Website.

“The new web site is a tangible representation of the company’s bold brand vision—to make MonaVie the industry leader in health and commerce solutions for the world,” said the review. “Many network marketing companies shy away from talking about their business opportunities as the primary message—not MonaVie. The company proudly advertises its business opportunity as the solution for creating a more meaningful life in the main left banner. The stories are effectively told through the company’s I Am MovaVie video testimonial campaign.”

MLM Corporate Network’s review aptly summarizes our intention for the site. We wanted MonaVie distributors and customers to have easy access to what makes this whole thing work—our products and our people, which, together, create the business opportunity.  

Since the new site launched at MonaVie 2.0 in Dallas, visits to the site have doubled and page views have nearly tripled. This means that more and more distributors are using the site, and more and more new customers are checking us—and you—out online. Distributor Websites

The new design and functionality of these personalized websites is also being well received by distributors. As you know, the sun never sets on MonaVie; someone, somewhere is always ready to do business. The new sites offer you a convenient and powerful online presence that allows you to:

  • Send your prospects time-released emails and messages.
  • Create targeted marketing campaigns and plan effective follow-up.
  • Share upcoming corporate events and meetings with a customized integrated calendar.
  • Incorporate a wealth of corporate videos and product images into your marketing efforts.

“Just want to give a shout out to Corporate for the outstanding work in transforming our personal MyMonavie websites. Love the addition of the blog and how we are now creating a very personal site with the ability to paint a very personal picture of what our MonaVie life is like. Also, love the ability to promote microsites. Job well done, and thank you.” —Michael H., MonaVie Distributor

Be sure to check out the new distributor websites and the new corporate site at, and let us know what you think.

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