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Mar 17, 2014

mynt Transforms Direct Selling Opportunity for Gen Y, Gen C

In part one (mynt: Dawn of a New Age in Direct Selling) of this multi-part blog series, I explained what mynt is, what it is not, and how the name “mynt” came to be. Today I want to share insights into the Gen C demographic, the main audience for mynt. I’ll also share ways you can follow and get involved with mynt, to keep up on the latest and greatest news.

“If Gen C won’t go to direct selling, then direct selling must go to Gen C.”

I think that’s how the expression goes. Oh, well…close enough to get the point, right?

Direct selling has enjoyed a long tradition of success throughout the world, and that continues to this day. The basics of sharing something that you are passionate about with someone you know are still intact. But the mediums (or channels and ways of communication) have changed, and will continue to change.

But that’s okay with the Gen C crowd. They’re bought into the new ways of communicating and experiencing life. And a direct selling company must do the same to stay relevant to this growing demographic. 

The C stands for Connected
Gen C is a class of individuals who are constantly connected to family, friends, businesses, and interests through the latest technology. Primarily between the ages of 18–34, this group is creating a new way of experiencing life that is causing a shift in how things are done in every industry—including ours!

They are enthusiastic adopters of new technology that allows them to multitask. They’re the ones that are on their tablet or smartphone while riding the bus, walking down the street, or watching TV. Their smartphones are always within arm’s reach, and it’s usually the first thing they grab after waking.   

Gen C values the Community
They have social profiles and are updating them daily. And through their social media communities, they have power—power to write reviews and share their opinions in the hopes of changing the world for the better.

They create original content through videos, blog posts, and images that they are not afraid to share on the Web. 

They not only create content, but they are also sharing the creations of others. They not only want their voice to be loud and far reaching, they want the voices of those who are trying to change the world to be heard and seen in a viral way.

Consider, for example, this compelling video about a “walking contest” that will leave you asking yourself: How can I better connect with people?

Gen C: Largest consumer group in the world…
Before the end of the decade, it’s predicted that this highly ambitious, technology-driven group will be the largest consumer group in the world! To be specific, it’s estimated that this demographic will make up 40% of the US population by 2019 and will be spending $2.45 trillion by 2015—that’s next year!

Gen C: Want to earn money, but not in the traditional fashion
Like those before them, the Gen C crowd wants to earn more money than their parents. But unlike those before them, they don’t want to earn money in the traditional fashion. They desire to have the time to spend with their families, be healthy and fit, see the world, and participate in positive social change. In short, they are looking for a more meaningful life.  

So, they want money, but that’s not all they want? How weird is that! Turns out, it’s not that weird at all.

We’re looking at a demographic that wants to make a difference—not just for themselves—but for others. These are natural networkers who enjoy sharing all aspects of their lives.

Connect with mynt
Here are ways to stay in touch with and learn more about the mynt #movemynt:

Facebook – like the page

Hashtags – follow them / use them on Twitter, Google+, Instagram, etc.
#myntmoment or #myntmoments (Note: used only for service projects, acts of kindness, etc.)

Website – Pre-enroll / help us countdown to April 19

We invite you to join the mynt community and have fun making a difference in the lives of people in your own backyard!

Since we’re getting close to the official launch of mynt on April 19, I’ll have more to share in the coming weeks about the mynt opportunity and details surrounding the official launch.

Blog by Brian Gill, VP of Marketing Communication, MonaVie.

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