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Apr 10, 2014

mynt: Ground Floor Opportunity Starting at the Penthouse (Join the Pre-launch April 19)

In part two (mynt Transforms Direct Selling Opportunity for Gen Y, Gen C) of this multi-part blog series, I shared insights into the Gen C demographic (the main audience for mynt), as well as various ways you can get involved with mynt, to keep up on the latest and greatest news. In this blog post, I will share more about the mynt opportunity and provide details surrounding the official pre-launch on April 19.

A ground floor opportunity that starts at the penthouse. How can that be? 

Simply put: It’s a metaphor for mynt.

You know how being an independent distributor for an established and successful direct selling company (think: MonaVie) is a great opportunity because you have the backing of the company, and all you need to do is sell the product and teach those interested in the opportunity how to do what you do?

And you also know how it can be advantageous to get in early with a budding, ground floor opportunity, right?

Well, mynt is the ground floor opportunity, and MonaVie has the penthouse.

mynt will have different events, products, training, recruiting styles, culture, back office—you name it—and MonaVie will help ensure its success.

Voilá, there you have it: mynt. A ground floor opportunity without the risk inherent in other start-ups!

So, you wanna see different? Then join us for the mynt pre-launch April 19, right here.

We’ve designed this virtual pre-launch to be unlike any company or product launch you’ve seen before. It will be different (live studio broadcast)…it will be fun (live band)…it will be cool (celebrity/athlete interviews and cameos). Oh, and, yes, we’ll get down to business, too (product introductions, event dates, official video premiers)…and so much more!

If I could describe it in one word, it would be: fun
Two words (technically a hyphenated compound adjective): ground-breaking

I hope that gives you a taste for what’s in store for the mynt virtual pre-launch on April 19. Now don’t get me wrong. It’s a real pre-launch. It’s only “virtual” in the sense that it’s online. It’s a real online pre-launch. That means that you can all be there. No flight delays. No hassle. All fun!

mynt Pre-launch
Saturday, April 19
1 p.m. (Mountain Time)
Go to:

See you there!

Blog by Brian Gill, VP of Marketing Communication, MonaVie.

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