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Apr 25, 2012

MonaVie: A Part of Nearly Everyone's Retirement Plan

USA Today recently posted the results of a very interesting poll concerning retirement plans contemplated by Americans:

            19% of Americans don't plan to work once they have retired

            53% of Americans plan to work either full time or part time—even after they've "retired"

            28% just don't know yet

So with the vast majority of Americans having to work at some level after they have retired, the MonaVie Business Opportunity is a perfect fit for anyone who has retired, is on the verge of retirement or even beginning to plan for retirement.  This is because the MonaVie Business Opportunity provides the flexibility to work at a level and pace that is most comfortable for anyone and everyone.

As you and your downline recruit, utilize the statistics above so that anyone you approach who has retirement on their radar screen can understand that they are not alone and that the MonaVie Business Opportunity can create a More Meaningful "Post Retirement" Life!

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